How To Draw Giraffe Easily

Drawing a giraffe can be intimidating – those adorable long necks and blotched spots seem complicated. But with the right mindset and brushstrokes, it’s relatively easy to capture their eye-catching beauty. Let’s get started!

Gather Supplies

Before you even sketch, you’ll need to prepare your supplies. Get a sketchpad or thick drawing paper, along with markers or pencils. There’s something so exhilarating about art supplies; just opening that bag of pencils and markers always fills me with anticipation.

Start With A Giraffe Outline

Once you have your materials, the first step is to create an outline of your giraffe. To make it easier, try sketching the head and neck first, and just draw a simple line for the body and and a circle for the tail. Of course, you can draw a more detailed outline if you prefer.

Shade Your Drawing

It’s time to add some color! With the help of your markers, lightly shade the body and the legs. Drawing giraffes is all about subtle movements; carefully blend your colors so the spots are just barely distinguished. Careful coloring is key when engaging with the spotted pattern of a giraffe.

Add Sentiment With Details

Now is your chance to add personality to your drawing. Giraffes have big eyelashes, small ears and long, slender legs. Detail your drawing with some romantic flourish to bring it to life. Whether your giraffe has a beautiful smirk, or playful smile, let your imagination soar.

Make It Shine

Your giraffe drawing is nearly complete. Add the finishing touches by retracing the body, legs, and neck with a darker color; this helps the spotted pattern stand out. Don’t forget to draw the little tufts at the top of the head and nose. With the addition of a few lines here and there, your giraffe drawing is ready for its shine!

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