How To Draw Girl Hair

How To Draw Girl Hair: Drawing girl hair can be a tricky art, but fear not! With the right know-how, anyone can master the skill of crafting beautiful locks. To get you started, here are seven simple steps to start you on your way to drawing girl hair.

Step 1: Start With the Outline
Start by sketching out a very basic outline that follows the shape of your character’s head. After that, draw the parting of the hair and the outline of each strand. Be sure to draw the strands gradually thicker as they move away from the head. This will give the illusion of depth and thinning hair.

Step 2: Choose Your Base Hair Color
Choose the base color for your girl’s hair. Think about what fits with the character. Light blonde, jet black, auburn red—the possibilities are endless. You can add tones to the hair color later, but do your best to stay consistent with the initial color. Put a little color into the outlines you’ve drawn too, to give it an extra bit of life.

Step 3: Get the Tones Right
To give your hair a natural look and feel, you’ll need to use more tones of the same color. For example, if you’re drawing a blonde girl, you may choose to mix yellows and whites. Add shadows and highlights in strategic places, as this will make your drawing more believable. You can layer different tones in different directions to add a subtle texture to your hair.

Step 4: Add Those Flowing Locks
One of the most defining elements of girl hair is the flow. To recreate this, draw curves in the outline that connect each of the strands. This gives the hair the illusion of being bouncy and flowing. Take the time to really get the details right, as this is arguably the most important step when it comes to drawing girl hair.

Step 5: Make Those Strands Come Alive!
To further add to your hair’s lifelike nature, draw in each individual strand. Draw thin, wispy strands that give your girl’s hair movement and volume. To get the most realistic look, use thin pencils or a set of high-grade calligraphy pencils. Layer different shades and tones to add dimension and life to the strands.

Step 6: Focus On the Fringes
Don’t forget to focus on the fringes! Adding texture, layers and depth here will really bring your drawing to life. Draw in each hair, remembering to keep the direction consistent throughout. Remember, the fringes are the focus of your drawing, so take the time to get them just right!

Step 7: Add Depth and Dimension
Finally, you can add depth and dimension to your drawing by adding shadows. Play with the different light sources and draw in shadows to give a realistic effect. Don’t forget to draw some highlights too, to bring out all the beautiful details you’ve drawn in. And that’s it—you can now draw girl hair like a pro!

Step 8: Craft Those Curls
Before you start adding color and shadows to your girl’s hair, you should craft some unique textures and curls. This could involve wavy patterns, big curls, or small curls. Try to stay true to the design principles of the hair you’re drawing, such as natural volume and movement. Once you’ve perfected the curls, you can start adding depth and dimension using the same techniques you used for the flat hair.

Step 9: Add the Finishing Details
When you’re finished drawing your girl’s hair, add some finishing details. You could draw in some baby hairs or use different drawing tools to give your girl’s hair a natural shine. You could even add some tiny strands of hair that are almost invisible to the eye. That will give your drawing a professional-quality look.

Step 10: Have Fun With Color
Now it’s time to inject some creative flair into your drawing. Play around with different shades, tones and light to make your girl’s hair come alive! Add a few strands of silver or gold here and there to create a unique style, or add highlights to give the illusion of the sun’s rays bouncing off her beautiful locks. There’s no limit to what you can do with color—just let your imagination run wild!

These steps should get you on your way to drawing girl hair with confidence and with style. Take your time, be creative, and trust in your own artistic voice. You’ll soon be a master at drawing girl hair with no trouble at all!

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