How To Draw Gogeta

How To Draw Gogeta: Step-By-Step Tutorial
Gogeta is one of my favorite anime characters! He always looks so awesome, and it’s easy to draw him with this simple tutorial. Let’s get started!
Step 1: Heads And Faces
Gogeta’s head is slightly larger than average and very round. Start by drawing a circle for the head and use an oval for the face. Draw two pointed ears, two eyes, and two small lines for the eyebrows. To draw the mouth, draw a curved line, with two gaps in the center and a curved line in between.
Step 2: Drawing The Hair
Gogeta’s hair is sparse and short, which makes it easy to draw. Simply draw a couple of lines over the top of the head, two curved lines on either side, and two small lines on the back. Now add a few jagged lines to give the locks some texture and volume.
Step 3: Neck, Torso, and Legs
Draw a line downward from the chin for the neck. Then draw a wide rectangle for the torso and two circles for the shoulders. Finally, draw two straight lines for the legs, one on each side of the torso.
Step 4: Clothing and Accessories
Gogeta typically wears a long sleeved, blue and white jacket with a pink belt around his waist. Draw three curved lines for the collar and draw the jacket over the shoulder and the upper body. Don’t forget to add the belt around the waist. To complete the look, draw a few stars on the shoulders and draw some fancy patterns on the jacket.
Step 5: Finishing Touches
To finish off the drawing, draw a few lines on the legs and draw two long curved lines on each arm. To add a bit of color, try adding some blue, pink, white, and purple to Gogeta’s costume. Now you have successfully drawn your favorite character!
Bonus Step: Shading
Now that you have drawn Gogeta, it’s time to shade him in. Start by adding some shadows to the face and body with a pencil. Use light and dark lines to give the image texture and depth. Finally, add some details with a fine-tipped pen or marker. Now your drawing is complete!
Step 6: Practicing and Perfecting
Drawing Gogeta can be tricky, so it’s important to practice and perfect your technique. Draw him over and over until you feel confident in your abilities. With a little bit of practice and dedication, you can draw this awesome anime character in no time!
Step 7: Have Fun!
Drawing Gogeta is a great way to express your creativity and make some awesome artwork. Enjoy yourself, have fun, and make sure to show off your masterpiece to your friends and family!

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