How To Draw Green Goblin

Materials Needed
Before we explore how to draw the Green Goblin, you’ll need to make sure you have all the necessary materials. You’ll need a large sheet of drawing paper, quality coloured pencils, an eraser, and last but not least – a vivid imagination! Let’s jump right into the joyful chaos of creating the notorious character.
Step One: Start with the Face
Draw a simplified oval shape to form the head and neck. Take your time here, as the shape you create will serve as the base of your masterpiece. Once satisfied with the size and length of the oval, add two circles to form the eyes. Draw the famous Goblin grin underneath them, then use slightly smaller circles to add the eyebrows.
Step Two: Add Facial Features
With the foundation of the face in place, it’s now time to refine it with some more detail. Fill in the eyes with colours and add a nose, ears and mouth – adorn the nose and lips with a few wrinkles if you wish, to evoke the character’s age and experience.
Step Three: Create the Hair
The Green Goblin is iconic for both his striking green facial features and wild, asymmetrical hairstyle. Colour the hair a bright vibrant green, then add wild swirls of thick locks to the sides of the face. To make the entire look more dynamic and menacing, add some sharp spikes around the top and back of the head.
Step Four: Finishing Touches
To finish off your drawing, add a detailed line along the neck and shoulders to create an armature that will hold the figure together. Use contrasting colours to add shading and volume to the face, hair and body. Finally, colour in the snazzy green costume and make sure the lighting is right by experimenting with light and dark shades.
Step Five: Accessorize the Goblin
To give the character a more complete look, add some accessories and toys. Give him a trusty backpack and a cauldron, or draw him a powerful wand with a ferocious skull hanging off the end. No one said creating the Green Goblin was easy! But if you take your time and draw with patience and enthusiasm, you’ll be able to do justice to this coveted character.

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