How To Draw Gurren Lagann Style

Drawing Gurren Lagann in your very own style can be easy and captivating, if you take the right steps! From the incredible mecha movements to the intricate textures, there’s something for everyone whether you’re a beginner or an experienced artist. So if you’re ready to explore this anime classic, let’s jump into the steps to draw Gurren Lagann-style!
Start With Its Signature Battle Mode
The first step to drawing Gurren Lagann-style is to identify the battle mode of your mecha. Start by sketching the shape of the body to reflect the look and feel of the Gurren Lagann. This mecha can get into the most powerful of combat poses and have incredible agility, making it an instant fan favorite. Be sure to include the giant drills, its iconic weapon, that Gurren Lagann is known for.
Add in the Intricate Textures
After you finish drawing the outline, you can ramp up your Gurren Lagann-style drawing with intricate textures! Textures build the entire skeletal frame and are an essential part of the anime. Whether you draw with a pencil or paintbrush, make sure to capture the small details that make up its body. You can also experiment with red and yellow tones to give it an even more realistic feel.
Include Its Movements
Gurren Lagann excels in its combination of movement and agility – each action packed scene is a unique story in itself! To really capture the experience of drawing a Gurren Lagann-style drawing, be sure to include a few of its thrilling movements. Start off with a few simple poses and then build some more advanced scenes that depict a fight between two Gurren Laganms.
Bring in the Extras
The final step to your Gurren Lagann-style masterpiece is to include little extras. Splatter some sparkles over the mecha to give it a unique texture, or add in some flame effects to emphasize its power. You can also add in a few Gundam heads to give your mecha an extra sense of authenticity. Adding the right details to your Gurren Lagann-style drawing will bring the whole picture together.
Go Big With Scale
When drawing Gurren Lagann-style, don’t be afraid to make the mecha larger than life. Gurren Lagann is massive, so capturing its size with your artwork will make the picture even more impressive. Fill up the space with details to bring your Gurren Lagann-style piece to life, and watch as the colors mix and match to create your perfect anime scene.
Create Intense Scenes
To draw Gurren Lagann-style like a pro, you should also focus on creating intense scenes. Take inspiration from the anime series and draw a scene reminiscent of its frantic battles or high-stakes moments. With the right colors, techniques, and detailed shadows, you can create a drawing that looks straight out of the anime.
Put Together an Exciting Finish
The finishing touches of your drawing are just as important as the rest. Put together an exciting finish by adding the last few details, such as the eyes, mouth, and ears. Give the mecha a sense of emotion and life that will make the picture come alive. With the perfect photo edit, you can make your Gurren Lagann-style drawing shine like never before.
Finalize with Coloring
The last step of drawing a Gurren Lagann-style mecha like a pro is to put all the pieces together with color. Coloring is the best way to bring an anime drawing to life and turn it into a masterpiece. Experiment with different color combinations to find the hue that best suits your drawing and make it more visually compelling. With the right colors, you’ll be able to make your Gurren Lagann-style drawing shine!

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