How To Draw Halloween Things

How To Draw Halloween Things

Halloween can be a spooky time of year, but it can also be super fun! As an aspiring artist, you might be looking forward to drawing some of the spookiest, creepy, and wackiest Halloween things for this special holiday. Here are some tips and tricks to help you draw like a pro!
First, before you start drawing, you’ll need to pick up your supplies. You should have a variety of sketching pencils ranging from 6H to 2B, as well as erasers, sharpening pencils, and a good quality drawing paper. Also, gather pictures of Halloween things you’d like to draw: pumpkins, bats, witches, ghosts, and more.
Second, come up with a game plan. It’s important to sketch out a rough outline of what you want your finished art to look like. Look at the pictures of Halloween things that you’ve gathered and decide which ones you’d like to draw first. Next, draw a rough idea of the shapes, angles, and details of these Halloween characters.
Third, get your hands dirty and start sketching. Begin with the elements you know will be in the drawing, such as the background and the basic shapes of the characters. Sketch lightly so that you can erase and adjust your lines if needed. As you progress and add details, use darker pencils to shade and highlight.
Fourth, use your creativity to bring life to your drawing. You can use shading to make your drawings look realistic and to emphasize shadows, or use different techniques to make something look cartoon-like. Think about the characters you’re drawing and use your knowledge of art to fill out the details. You can also add special touches, such as glow in the dark eyes, sparkly wings, or cutting die shapes.
Finally, don’t forget to apply the finishing touches. Once you’re happy with how your drawings look, discuss different ways to enhance your art. Perhaps you could use glitters, markers, or paint to add color and texture. You can even create journal pages and scrapbooks with your drawings.

Drawing Pumpkins

Pumpkins are a staple of the Halloween season, and there’s no shortage of opportunities to draw them. Start your design by sketching out a round shape, with a flat top and uneven bottoms. Next, draw the stalk and leaves, shading the shadows to make them look real. Finish your pumpkin off with some details and emphasize the carved out eyes, nose, and mouth.
One trick to making your pumpkins look extra spooky is to make them look 3D. Begin by outlining the pumpkin, then draw intersectingline to create depth. Then, use shading to make the circles look more realistic and to emphasize the shadows.
You can also take your pumpkin piece to the next level by using colored pencils or markers to add some vibrant hues. Draw vines and leaves in bright green or orange and purple flowers around the pumpkin. Don’t forget to add some googley eyes for extra fun.

Drawing Witches

Drawing witches can be a lot of fun, and there’s no one right way to do it. Start by sketching out a rough outline of the head and body. Add details such as the eyes, nose, mouth, and hair, then add the dress and hat.
When it comes to shading and coloring the witch, don’t be afraid to get creative. Play around with different shapes and accents to make the drawing stand out. Emphasize the eyes, face and dress to make them look more defined.
To keep your drawing simple, a few thin stripes or stars can go a long way. To add extra spookiness, you can also draw a spiderweb on the end of the broom or use a different color to make the dress look more witchy.

Drawing Ghosts

Ghosts never fail to give us the chills, but they make great drawings! To get the basics down, start by drawing the head and body, stuffing the outline with spirals and lines to give the ghost a more realistic look.
Next, use shading to make the ghost look three-dimensional. Concentrate on the head and eyes to give your ghost a creepy, yet mesmerizing look. Don’t forget to add an eerie glow to the ghost, as if it’s floating or coming straight out of the night.
For the finishing touch, draw a misty fog or decorations around your ghost. Stars, bats, and even cobwebs can make your ghost look like it stepped out of a storybook.

Drawing Bats

Bats love Halloween and they’re a great addition to your drawings. Begin by sketching out the wings and body. Notice the subtle details like the little ears, fangs and talons. Pay close attention to the perspective by drawing the wings perpendicular to the body.
Next, color the bat using a neutral palette, utilizing different shading to create a 3-dimensional look. If you’re feeling confident, draw the wings with zigzag lines to make them look spookier. You can also add some details to the tips of the wings.
If you’re looking to make your bats extra scary, you can draw numerous bats flying in a cluster with their mouths wide open. Drawing bats around a haunted house or graveyard will give your piece an eerie ambiance.

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