How To Draw Headphones On A Person

Drawing headphones on a person is an art form that many don’t realize just how complex it can be. It’s easy to mix up the details on the headpiece: will you draw over-the-ears, in-ear headphones, or both? Will you use shaded tones to denote texture, or will the person’s headphones mimic the black-and-white cartoon look? All these questions need to be tackled as you start drawing headphones on a person.

Start with the Headpiece

The headphones’ headpiece will be the first component of your drawing. Start by sketching a curved line that encircles your person’s head. You can also sketch a horizontal line from ear to ear. This will help to indicate which parts of the headpiece need to be curved and which parts will hang around the ears. The band will extend from the headpiece and must be drawn with a curved line to render the realistic shape.
Next, draw the speaker grills that’ll be linked to the headpiece. This can be done by sketching an oval on either side, indicating the front and back of the speaker. Depending on the headphones, you’ll want to adjust the size and shape of the speaker. For instance, over-ear headphones should have larger speakers while in-ear headphones should have much smaller ones.
Finally, add earcups to the headpiece. Depending on the headphones’ model, your earcups may be rudimentary circles with a hinge line in between. For instance, if your subject is wearing wireless over-ear headphones, then the earcups will be more soft-edged with a distinct surface pattern.

Giving the Headphones Texture and Color

Now it’s time to give your headphones texture and color. After you’re happy with the shape and form of your headphones, it’s time to really bring them to life with tone and texture. The sketching process for texture and color is much like any other drawing: use a variety of shading techniques to give your headphones depth and dimension.
From cross-hatching to stippling, use pen and pencil to make the textures of your headphones look realistic. Pay special attention to the knobs and buttons. Often headphones have small tech features that make a world of difference to how your drawing comes out.
Once you’ve given your headphones a dose of texture, you’ll want to color them in. Depending on the headphones, you can make use of a range of unusual color palettes to give them a unique look. Bold reds and pinks, blues and purples are great options to start with. Just make sure to practice your shading before you launch into fully fleshing out the headphones.

Bringing Out the Character of the Person

Remember that your drawing of someone wearing headphones is a portrait –a representation of a person. All the details you’ve added in so far should complement the subject’s face and emotion. For instance, if your person is wearing bright blue headphones, then their eyes could match this vibrant hue.
Look through the body language and facial expression to see how their headphones must look when worn. What kind of person do the headphones reflect? Are they a trendy music fan that loves to rock the latest in technicolor technology? Are they a mellow listener that needs a pair of discreet headphones? All of these elements must be captured in your painting.

Finishing Touches are Important

The finishing touches are just as important as the elaboration phase of your drawing. These typically include the cables that link the headphones to the audio source. If your person is wearing wired headphones, draw the outline of the cord dropping from the headpiece to the audio source. And if your person’s wearing wireless headphones, you can draw a minimal cable with an emphasis on the Bluetooth symbol.
Don’t forget to draw the subject’s body as well. Your focus may have been on the headphones so far, but the person’s body should remain a prominent element in the composition. All said and done, take a moment to critique and refine your drawing. Make sure you’re satisfied with the outcome and trust that you’ve accurately represented the headphones and the character of the person wearing them.

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