How To Draw Hello Kitty Step By Step

Drawing Hello Kitty step by step

Some of the sweetest memories of our childhood are linked to iconic cartoon characters like Hello Kitty. The little white cat quickly stole our hearts and had us wielding glue sticks and colored pencils to create our own homemade masterpieces. With her pink kimono and cute bow, she was the perfect character to draw. Here’s a quick tutorial to help you draw Hello Kitty!

Things you’ll need

Before you get started, you’ll need a few key supplies. Gather the following: an eraser, a pencil, a marker and some colored pencils. If you don’t have colored pencils, you can also use crayons!

Step 1: Sketching the shape

The first step is to sketch Hello Kitty’s body shape. You’ll start by drawing a big circle for the head, then sketch a rounded triangle beneath it for the body. Don’t worry if your lines aren’t perfect – you can always erase later.

Step 2: Adding details

Now it’s time to add some details. Start by drawing two ovals for the eyes, then draw an upside-down triangle for the nose. Use curved lines to draw Hello Kitty’s cheeks and whiskers, and give her a cute mouth with a little smile and a small tongue sticking out.

Step 3: Drawing the bow

Hello Kitty is famous for her signature bow, so it’s time to draw one! Start by drawing two rounded rectangles and connect them with a thin curved line. Then draw a triangle at the center of the bow for the knot.

Step 4: Finishing touches

The last step is to give Hello Kitty her iconic kimono and accessories. Draw two curved lines from her head to her body to make the kimono, then draw a few lines at the waist for a sash. Finally, draw two little circles for earrings and give her some extra whiskers for a more detailed look.

Step 5: Color her in

Now give your newly drawn Hello Kitty some color! Get creative and add your own personal touch to make your drawing unique. Go wild with your colors and have fun!

Step 6: Show off your masterpiece

Look how amazing your Hello Kitty looks! She’s ready to be displayed on your fridge or any wall in your home. Don’t be afraid to show off your masterpiece to your friends and family – they’ll love it!

Making Shapes for Hello Kitty

In order to draw Hello Kitty, you must first create the overall shape that her body takes. Think of it as a starting point – the base upon which all the other details will be added. Start by drawing an oversized circle for the head and a rounded triangle for the body. You can also add two small circles for the feet. Now that her shape is ready, it’s time to draw the features.

Adding Features to the Face

To give life to your Hello Kitty drawing, we must add the facial features. Starting at the top, draw two ovals for the eyes and an upside-down triangle for the nose. Using curved lines draw the cheeks and whiskers, and finally, use a small curve to create the mouth and a tiny tongue.

Giving Character with Accessories

What makes Hello Kitty so lovable is the plethora of tiny details and accessories she wears. To draw her famous bow, start by sketching two rounded rectangles and joining them together with a thin curve line. Then add the knot by drawing a triangle in the middle. To finish off the look, draw two curved lines from the head to the body for the kimono and some lines for the sash at the waist. Don’t forget the two earrings and extra whiskers!

Coloring Your Drawing

Now comes the fun part – coloring! Get creative here and add your own touch of personal charm. Think about the colors you feel best represent Hello Kitty – white, pink and light blue are classic. Draw, erase and color until you have a masterpiece you’re proud of!

Showing Off Your Work

Finally, it’s time to show off your incredible Hello Kitty drawing! Hang it up on your wall or fridge door to admire all the time and maybe even inspire your friends to try their hand at drawing!

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