How To Draw Itachi Step By Step

For aspiring anime artists out there, it is not as hard as it seems to learn how to draw Itachi. Drawing Itachi allows you to recreate his wild and daring nature in your own art. With a few simple steps, we can guide you through the process of how to draw Itachi, so you can start bringing him to life right away!

Create the Base

To begin, draw a simple oval for the basic head shape of Itachi. This will form the base for your masterpiece. Then, draw two connecting lines from the oval to mark the facial features – a vertical line for the nose, and two diagonal lines to create the eyes. Draw the outline for the head and build Itachi’s iconic spiky hair. Afterwards, sketch out Itachi’s body along with his signature battle armor.

Finesse the Details

It’s time to pay attention to the little things. First, draw the facial features like the eyes, nose, and lips. Then, refine the lines on the hair and the body armor. With your precision and skill, the shape of Itachi is coming together! Last but not least, draw the distinctive coat and the white pants that he’s wearing.

Bring In the Color

This is where your art comes to life! Start filling in the colors according to your preferences. Bring out the dark and edgy colors of Itachi’s battle armor and coat, and contrast this with the paler colors of his trousers. Once done, add a bot of shadow and highlight to give volume and depth to your drawing.

Watch Him Come Together

Now that you’ve finished with the colors, it’s time to really show the world your masterpiece. When everything’s in the right place, go ahead and add the details to make your Itachi look even more majestic. Finally, add the Uchiha crest to complete the look and create the perfect picture of Itachi.

Bring Out Your Inner Artist

Don’t be afraid to play around with colors and shades to give your Itachi an individualized and personalized touch. With some practice, you can even create a super cool version of Itachi by combining different colors and shades to show off your style and creativity. Let your inner artist take over and have some fun with Itachi!

Show Off Your Talents

Now that you’re learned how to draw Itachi step-by-step, go ahead and show the world your talents. Whether you share it on social media or make physical copies to pass out to friends and family, your drawing of the Uchiha clan’s favorite son will be sure to turn heads! Go ahead and show off your skills today.

Bring Itachi to Life

Drawing Itachi can help you improve your skills and allow you to express yourself. His edgy and determind personality, along with his signature outfit, will let you bring him to life in your own way. So don’t hesitate – let your imagination run wild and bring Itachi to life through your art!

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