How To Draw Jack O’lantern

How to Draw a Jack O’ Lantern

Jack O’ Lanterns have been a Halloween staple for decades, and now you can make one of your own! Drawing a Jack O’ Lantern is a fun and easy way to celebrate the spooky season. The idea is to create an image of a happy Jack O’ Lantern that looks like it was carved into a real pumpkin!

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

Before you start drawing, you’ll need to have a few supplies ready. The supplies you need to draw a Jack O’ Lantern include: a pencil, eraser, paper, colored pencils (or markers), and crayons (optional). You can also make the drawing more detailed by using additional supplies, such as an X-acto knife and various shades of colored pencils.

Step 2: Start Drawing the Basic Shape

Once you have your supplies together, it’s time to start drawing. Start by drawing a basic pumpkin shape. Jack O’ Lanterns typically have a curved, triangular base with a rounded top. Draw the shape to your desired size, making sure the stem (the part that will be cut for the pumpkin face) is clearly visible.

Step 3: Add Details to the Pumpkin

Once the basic shape is drawn, add details to the pumpkin. This includes adding lines or dots to represent the pumpkin’s ridges and sections. You can also add details such as eyes, a nose, and a smile. Make sure the details are symmetrical and that they span the face evenly.

Step 4: Color in the Pumpkin

The next step is to color in the pumpkin. You can use colored pencils, crayons, markers, or a combination of the three. You can also use different shades and tones to add more depth and detail to your drawing. Once colored in, your Jack O’Lantern will look as realistic as a real pumpkin!

Step 5: Add Finishing Touches

The last step is to add the finishing touches to your Jack O’Lantern. If you have an X-acto knife, you can use it to add texture to the stem. You can also draw a stem and foliage above the pumpkin. You can even add a candle inside the Jack O’Lantern to complete the look.

Step 6: Have Fun!

Now that you’ve drawn your Jack O’Lantern, it’s time to show it off! Hang your pumpkin up for the world to see, or just keep it for yourself and enjoy the spooky season. Have fun and take pride in your artistic achievement!

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