How To Draw Kakashi Sensei

Drawing Kakashi Sensei from the popular anime Naruto Shippuden can seem intimidating, but with a few helpful tips, you can easily create this fan-favorite character. To get started, you’ll need a few simple materials: a pencil, paper, an eraser, and a ruler.

Section 1: Drawing the Face

First off, start by sketching a circle in the middle of the paper to form the base of Kakashi Sensei’s head. Then use the ruler and pencil to draw a straight line to create the jawline and cheeks. Now draw another pair of lines to create the nose and mouth. For the eyes, draw a rectangle, then use curved lines to give them depth and make them more expressive. Finally, draw the ears, which should be a bit larger than other parts of the head.

From here, use the eraser to lightly erase the sketching lines and refine your drawing. Then draw the mouth and jaw to form the shape of the face. Finally, you can add the details of the eyes, eyebrows, and nose to complete the face.

Section 2: Outlining and Coloring the Hair

Once you have the face complete, it’s time to draw the hair. Kakashi has wild, spiky hair and a distinctive bright white shade, so be sure to draw it carefully. Start by drawing the strands of hair and use curved lines to give it more personality. Then, draw around the outline with black pencil to define the shape of the hair and add details like shadows and highlights.

Once you’re done outlining, you can start coloring the hair. Use white or light gray for the highlights and a darker shade for the shadows. Don’t be afraid to be a bit creative and add your own touches to the hair—it is Kakashi, after all!

Section 3: Outlining and Coloring the Clothes

To give your drawing a bit more depth, start by drawing the black and gray elements of Kakashi’s clothing. Start with the outlines of his black clothing, followed by the gray detailing. Remember that Kakashi has a black shirt with a design of nine lightning bolts on the chest and back. Be sure to add them in.

Now it’s time to add color to the clothing. Keep in mind that Kakashi’s black and gray clothing is often accented with red, so feel free to add a few extra details with a red pen or pencil. Once the clothing is complete, you can add a few more finishing touches to make it look even more realistic.

Section 4: Finishing Touches

To really make your drawing stand out, you’ll need to add a few special touches. Start with the eyes—they are usually shaded lighter or darker depending on the scene, so use pencils of different shades to create the desired effect. Then, for the sharingan, you can use a white or light gray pencil to draw the symbol on the eyes.

Finally, be sure to add some subtle details that make Kakashi Sensei instantly recognizable. A personal favorite are the seals he wears on his hands. Draw them with a black pencil and make sure they stand out with a bit of shading. And that’s it—you have officially drawn Kakashi Sensei!

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