How To Draw Kermit The Frog

Drawing Kermit The Frog: Step-by-Step Guide

You can draw Kermit the Frog with this step-by-step guide! Drawing Kermit will help you bring out your inner artist and have fun with a creative, easy-to-follow project. So don’t be scared! Just grab your pencil and paper, and let’s jump into creating your own Kermit.

Step One: Draw Two Shapes

Start your drawing by sketching two simple shapes – a larger, squat oval and a narrower, curved rectangle. This will become the head and body of the Muppet. These two shapes should take up only a quarter of the page, so don’t make them too big!

Step Two: Sketch the Catches and Nose

Next, sketch two tall, pointed ear catches above the oval for the ears. Beneath the oval, draw a small, flattened triangle for the nose. Make sure to draw the curve at the bottom of the triangle slightly pointing towards the center of the oval.

Step Three: Draw the Eyes and Mouth

Using the two shapes you drew previously, draw two large circles on top of the oval shape for the eyes. Then draw a smile beneath the nose in a gentle U-shape and add two small dots above the smile to represent the nostrils of the nose. Finally, draw two smaller lines, horizontally, between the eyes which will form the eyebrows of Kermit.

Step Four: Draw the Body, Arms, and Legs

Now your Kermit is taking shape! To complete the body, use the curved rectangle from the beginning of the drawing and draw two small circles beneath the face for the arms. For the legs, draw two short lines with curved endpoints beneath the body.

Step Five: Paint your Kermit

Time to add some personality to your drawing! Paint Kermit in your favorite color, or use green markers or paint to give it that classic Kermit look. Go ahead and get creative — you can paint stripes on his arms and legs, or draw polka dots on his belly. Finish your drawing off with a bow tie or other accessories and your masterpiece is complete!

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