How To Draw King Cobra


Drawing a king cobra is one of the most challenging and rewarding tasks – especially if you take the time to properly capture the majesty of this magnificent reptile. But with a few mindful tips and techniques, you’ll be able to draw a truly stunning King Cobra in no time. Here’s how!

The Sketch

Start off your king cobra sketch with a few light strokes of a pencil. The key to this is to avoid any unnecessary details or marks. Just draw the general shape of the cobra’s body and head, along with the iconic ‘hood’ – a wide rectangular head flanked by loose, curved lines which resemble a hood in shape.
Once you have the general shape of the cobra nailed, move onto the finer details. Use tight lines to draw the small V shapes that make up the scales along the cobra’s body. Fill in markings and textures around the outer edges of the scales, paying attention to any raised ridges near the edges. Also, draw in a few loose curves to show the cobra’s sinuous body and its elegant curves.

The Shading

Shading plays a big role in creating the effect of a realistic King Cobra. Opt for a light, wispy effect to create a subtle sheen on the cobra’s body, as well as soft shadows which help give the cobra’s scales a three-dimensional look. Take a hard-liner approach while shading the cobra’s hood, sticking to sharp lines to accentuate the cobra’s menacing expression.


Coloring can often bring the King Cobra sketch to life, so add an extra layer of dimension by filling in blanks with a range of colors. The cobra’s head and body are typically a dark olive green, along with a lighter shade which gives off a shimmering effect. Accentuate the cobra’s eyes with faint thin lines in light tones to create a piercing expression, as well as a few scales above and below them.

Extra Details

Bring the King Cobra sketch to life by adding details like a thin tongue, carefully-placed whiskers and a few other small details to give the cobra an even more realistic finish. Also, adjust the colors to make sure everything looks balanced. By using a range of colors, you can create a King Cobra sketch which exudes elegance and power!

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