How To Draw Male Face

How to Draw a Male Face
Drawing a male face doesn’t have to be scary. With just a little bit of practice and some creativity, you can produce attractive, realistic-looking portraits. Whether you’re drawing a real person or just a generic figure, here are the steps you need to take for sketching a male face:
Choose a pose
Start by deciding on the pose you want your male face to have. Don’t be afraid to experiment. You can try a range of standard poses, from a serious, focused face to a laughing one, or from a gentle, awake look to a sleeping one.
Sketch the facial shape
Once you’ve chosen a pose, it’s time to sketch the basic facial shape, beginning with a pair of crossed lines for the jaw. Work outward from there, getting the eyes, nose, and mouth where you want them. Try to give your subject a wide variety of facial expressions.
Add details
Once the basic shape is complete, add more details to the face, such as the features. Make sure you pay attention to the eyebrow line, the eyelids, the shape of the mouth, and other details that make your male face interesting.
Make the hair
Hair can be tricky to draw, but if you give it enough attention, it can really bring your drawing to life. Depending on the style you’re going for, use quick strokes to define and sketch out the hairline. Or take some time to draw individual strands and create texture.
Work on the face texture
Once the basic shape, features, and hair are sketched out, it’s time to work on the texture. You can draw individual pores and wrinkles, or you can use shading for a more realistic look. Don’t be afraid to experiment – you don’t want your finished drawing to look too subtle or too cartoony.
Add shadows and highlights
To make your drawing look even more realistic, add shadows and highlights to the face. This can be done with a number of techniques, such as using markers, charcoal, or pencils. Remember to be careful when using highlights, because too much can make the drawing look flat.
Finish the drawing
Once you’re happy with the look of your drawing, it’s time to finish it up. Go back and add any details that you may have missed and refine the edges. Go over any rough lines, and use a fine-tipped marker to make things look crisp and clean.
Refine and revise
The last step in drawing a male face is to refine and revise. Take a look at your drawing from a distance, and consider what needs to be changed. You want the face to be balanced and proportional. Keep these final adjustments in mind as you wrap up your masterpiece.
Incorporate shading
To make your drawing really stand out, consider adding more shading to enhance its depth and character. A good way to do this is to capture the subject’s face in light and shadow – either full light or full shade. Incorporate both subtle and intense shading depending on where the light hits.
Draw content expression
The expression on a face can often be the hardest thing to capture, but with the right technique, it can make the difference between a good drawing and a great one. Work on bringing out the emotion – whether it’s a smirk, smile, or frown – and focus on details such as the eyes, mouth, and eyebrows.
Create a frame
Whether you choose a realistic or a more stylized frame, this can be a great way to finish off your drawing. Not only does it add another dimension to the portrait, it also gives you more creative freedom. Keep the frame simple so as not to distract too much from the face.

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