How To Draw Male Lips

How To Draw Male Lips

Drawing male lips can be a tricky art form that takes practice and technique to master – but don’t worry, with a few easy techniques, anyone can create stunningly realistic looking male lips!

1. Start With The Shapes

The first step to drawing male lips is mapping out the basic shape of the lips. Start by lightly sketching two curved lines that form an upside-down U shape, with the “teeth” of the U between the two lines. This will be the outline of the lips. Next, draw two slightly curved lines that run along the two sides of the U shape. This will be the border of the lips.

2. Add A Outline And Facial Detail

Once the basic shape of the lips has been drawn, it’s time to start adding detail. Outline the lips with a slightly thicker line to more clearly differentiate it from the rest of the surrounding face. Once you’ve completed this, you can add some shading to the lips to make them look more natural.

3. Add Volume To The Lips

Next, you want to add volume to the lips. Start by lightly sketching two curved lines on either side of the lips, with three little peaks on each side: one for the top lip, one for the bottom lip, and one for the center of the lips. Once these lines are sketched out, fill in around them with light shading.

4. Draw The Cupid’s Bow And Vermillion Border

The last step is drawing on the cupid’s bow and vermillion border. The cupid’s bow is the dip in the upper lip, and the vermillion border is the edge of the lips. Start by drawing a thin line for the cupid’s bow and lightly shading around it to create the illusion of depth. Then, draw two thin lines that run around the outer edge of the lips to create the vermillion border. This is where lighter shades should be used, if desired, to further increase the realism of the lips.

5. Create Dimension And Add Final Details

Finally, use darker and lighter shades to add definition and dimension to the lips, and add any other details, such as freckles or lines, that you would like. When you’re happy with your drawing, erase any remaining sketching lines and you’re good to go!

6. Keep Practicing And Be Patient

Drawing male lips can be a tricky endeavour, and it can be discouraging at first. But with some practice and patience, you’ll be able to master the art of drawing male lips in no time!

7. Experiment With Different Techniques and Shades

As you continue to practice, you can experiment with different techniques and shades to add more detail to your drawings. For example, you can use multiple shades of color to add depth to your lips, and you can use lines to create a realistic-looking pout and volume.

8. Look For Inspiration

Finally, don’t forget to look for inspiration! Look through books, magazines, and the internet for examples of how different people draw male lips, and use those as a starting point. You can then take those examples and use them to create your own unique style!

9. Keep Practicing

No matter how you choose to draw male lips, the most important thing is to just keep practicing and have fun. Small improvements each day will eventually lead to beautiful male lips that you can be proud of. With a little effort and patience, you can be the next great lip artist!

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