How To Draw Mermaid

How To Draw Mermaid

Mermaids are an exciting and captivating part of many stories and cultures. Drawing such majestic creatures is both an art form and a challenge. Drawing them with finesse and making them look mesmerizing, is no child’s play. But you can easily learn to draw beautiful mermaids with some practice and skill. Simply read on and follow these steps to draw perfect mermaids!

1. Prepare Your Work Area

To make sure that your mermaid drawing looks perfect, it is important to prepare your work area beforehand. Get a clean and large worktable so you have enough area to spread the drawing materials. You can organize the pencils, the erasers, the paints, the markers and the coloring books in the tray or on a nearby shelf. And while you are drawing, make sure to adjust your seating posture to avoid discomfort.

2. Draw the Guidelines

Before you dive into the actual drawing process, it’s important to draw the basic guidelines of your mermaid. Begin with a circle (for the mermaid’s head), two ovals (for the upper torso and the waist), two slanting lines (for the arms) and two curved lines (for the tail). Once you are done with the basics, add more details to the drawing like the ears, the eyes, the nose, the mouth, the hair, the fins, the jewelry etc.

3. Use Colors

Adding colors can bring liveliness to your mermaid drawing. So, start by selecting the desired color palette. Choose the colors for the eyes, lips, fins and hair. You can also select some complementary shades for the different parts of your mermaid drawing. With bright, vivid and gorgeous colors, your mermaid drawing can certainly look attractive and eye-catching.

4. Give Final Touches

Once you are done with the drawing and coloring, you can add some more details to give it a more realistic look. For instance, you can draw small, vibrant fishes around the mermaid, or make her wear a beautiful shell necklace. You can also draw small bubbles around her. By doing so, you will give your mermaid drawing a unique and stunning appearance.

5. Enjoy Your Drawing!

Drawing a mermaid might be a little challenging, but with skill and some expertise, you can certainly draw a wonderful and mesmerizing creature. And most importantly, don’t forget to enjoy the process of drawing. Leave all your worries and stress behind, and draw with passionate emotions. Make your mermaid drawing look delicate, vivid and gorgeous. Just be creative, and you will definitely master the technique of drawing mermaids!

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