How To Draw Monster Trucks

Penning a Picture Perfect Monster Truck!

Nothing beats the thrill and excitement of drawing a Monster Truck. Yes, creating a masterpiece of a Monster Truck, is sure to get your creative juices flowing. Luckily, mastering the art of drawing a Monster Truck is not as difficult as it looks, just a few simple steps and you can create a work of art, that will leave all your friends wonderstruck!

So, let’s get ready to set our imaginations rolling and take-off on full gear. Begin by visualizing the monster truck, you’d want to draw. Keep it simple by imagining a basic truck. This will help without getting too overwhelmed and daunted.

Next, start by tracing a rectangular box on the paper. Also make sure you draw the curtain pattern along the sides of the rectangular box. This will give your Monster Truck a 3D effect. Now your Monster truck is taking shape.

Once you done with the tracing part, you can start embellishing the truck to make it look cooler. You can draw curvy ailerons near the wheels. You can also add spokes to give your monster truck a realistic look.

At this point, you can also add some ornaments and décor around the truck. Get extra creative and draw a few details like a windshield and a sunroof. You can draw lightning for a got effect, or a flamethrower for a fiery feel.

Now, it’s time to add the finishing touches! Start by colouring the Monster truck. Opt for dark and flashy colours like black and purple, you can even choose a chrome colour to give the wheels a shiny look.

Now you can start adding some awesome details by drawing windows on the door and a logo for the truck. Add details to make your Monster truck stand-out like a sophisticated piece of art.

Give your Monster truck a traction like a turbocharger or a locomotive exhaust to give it an incredible feel. Shade your Monster truck with colour pencils, to give it that final classy and subtle touch.

The next exciting step is to put the Monster truck in action – add some landscape and your Monster truck’s ready to take-off! For example, draw some rugged patches of rocky ground to make it look like the Monster truck is rolling on it.

You can even draw a trail of smog or dust to give the Monster truck a realistic and intense feel. While you’re at it, draw in an opponent Monster truck to create that feeling of a competition.

Now you’re ready to step back and admire your masterpiece! Get your friends and family to craft a Monster truck too and have a competition at home. Let your creativity and expressive style shine through, as you sketch and come closer to the Monster Truck of your dreams!

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