How To Draw Naruto Sage Mode

Step One: Gather Materials

Gathering the necessary art supplies is the first and most important step in creating an amazing Naruto Sage Mode illustration. This will ensure that you have everything that you need when you are ready to draw so you don’t have to stop your creative flow. Grab things like a sketchpad or drawing paper, pencils, pens, markers, and any other art supplies you will need to create a fantastic image.

Step Two: Reference Images

You don’t have to be an expert in the Naruto universe to create an awesome Sage Mode drawing. But a little bit of research helps to give you an idea of what a Sage Mode character looks like. Start by collecting some reference images from the internet or from your own collection of Naruto drawings.

Step Three: Sketch Out a Basic Figure

Once you have your references and materials, it’s time to start sketching! Start by sketching a basic figure of a Naruto character in the pose that you want them to be in. Keep it light and loose as you start, you can add in the details of the Sage Mode outfit afterward.

Step Four: Add in the Sage Mode Costume Details

Once you’ve sketched out your basic figure, it’s time to start adding in the details of Sage Mode. Start by drawing in the distinctive Sage Mode robes, drawing special attention to the unique patterns on the sleeves. Make sure everything is drawn in the proportions that it is in the reference images that you have chosen.

Step Five: Color and Shading

Now, you can start adding color and shading to your drawing. Start with the robes, working from dark to light, and then move onto other areas of the figure. Choose colors that are true to the Naruto universe, but also let your own style shine through!

Step Six: Background and Finishing Touches

Finally, add a background and any other elements that you want to include in the drawing. This could be things like natural elements, like trees and mountains, or more fantastical elements, like energy emanating from the character.

Step Seven: Final Touches

Now it’s time to put the finishing touches on your drawing! Carefully go over every part of the illustration and make sure that everything looks right. Make sure that all the proportions line up, that the colors are consistent, and that the shading is even.

Step Eight: Show it Off!

You’re done! All that’s left to do is to show off your amazing Naruto Sage Mode drawing! Whether you’re posting it online for the whole world to see, or simply keeping it for yourself, you can be proud of your work and the hours of hard work and dedication that you put into it.

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