How To Draw Nine Tailed Fox

What could be more fun than drawing a nine tailed fox? It’s an amazing creature that is part of Japanese mythology. They are sometimes called kyubii or kurama, symbolizing power and wisdom. Drawing one of these creatures is a challenge, but with the right instructions and a bit of patience, you too can make a beautiful circle of nine tails. Here’s how.

1. Getting Started

Your journey starts with the basics. Gather your materials: paper, pencils (HB and 3B), eraser, and a ruler. Make sure to measure the paper for equal parts and designate one for the head and the body. With the ruler, draw some guidelines: a line to separate head and body, and another one will divide the body into 9 parts. This line is essential to draw the nine tails.

2. Drawing the Fox’s Shape

Time to sketch the outline of the fox. Start by drawing a circle – this will be his face. Now imagine the circle as an egg, draw a half circle on top – this will be his ears. Connect both and draw the neck. After the body is done, it’s time to draw the legs. Your fox should be prepared for action!

3. Drawing the Details

Add your fox some fur: triangles, lines and dots! Make each level of fur distinguishable from others. Don’t forget to add the eyes, nose and mouth either — your fox should be more expressive than ever. After that, add the tail. Make each tail look distinct from the others, giving each one its own personality.

4. Finishing Touches and Coloring

It’s time to give your nine tailed fox some life. Document every little detail with your pencil to make a perfect drawing. Erase the guidelines, if necessary. And don’t forget to put some color – and voila! You have created a marvelous nine tailed fox!

Now that you know the basics, it’s time to practice! With a bit of imagination and patience, your creation will be flying in no time. Who knows? Maybe you’ll come up with one thousand tails — sounds like a formidable challenge!

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