How To Draw On Eyebrows With No Hair

Do you ever feel like you need a little extra pizzazz in your look, but you can’t seem to find where to begin? If you have a sparse or over-plucked eyebrow, learning how to draw them on can give you the drama you’ve been searching for. With the right steps and products, you can easily create gorgeous brows with no hair present.

The most important aspect of any eyebrow look is correct preparation. Before you reach for either pencil or gel, do a little prep work to ensure the best outcome. First, wash your face and pat dry. Next, lightly exfoliate the area where the brows will be. This will help to ensure an even and lasting finish. Once that’s complete, hydrate the area around with a light lotion or aloe vera gel. This hydrates the skin and helps to keep the brows in place.

Your next step is to shape the eyebrow. This can be a complex task when you don’t have any actual hair to work with. A helpful tool for this step is a good brow stencil. Different shapes are available, such as a classic arch or strong and structured, so pick one that best matches your desired look. Placing the stencil near the beginning of your natural brow, hold it in place by pressing lightly until the end of your brow. If you need to, you can use a brow brush to help you create a more distinct shape.

Now that you’ve created the perfect shape, it’s time to choose your product. For a natural effect, you can opt for an eyebrow powder or a pencil that gives you a softer effect. But if you want a bolder look, a waterproof eyebrow gel may be more suitable. Whichever option you decide to use, choose a shade that best matches your hair. Fill the brow in with your chosen product. Remember to blend softly and take the time to make sure your lines are even.

Finally, you’ll want to set your beautiful eyebrows in place. Start by brushing your brows with a spoolie brush. Then take a setting gel and brush it lightly through the brows. The gel helps to set your brows and lock them in place for all-day wear. Make sure you don’t overload your brows with gel, just give them a light gap taming.

Once you’ve mastered the key steps to creating perfect eyebrows with no hair, you can make adjustments in the future to achieve various looks. Experiment with your brow products and practice, practice, practice. Before you know it, you will have mastered the art of creating beautiful eyebrows.

To ensure your eyebrows last, always use a primer and a setting spray. This will ensure any makeup you apply will be easy to remove, and also prevents the powder or gel from smudging or wearing off. Additionally, make sure to take special care of your skin, to ensure your eyebrows remain in place throughout the day.

It’s not hard to look like you have perfect eyebrows with no hair. With the right products, you can create stunning brows in a few simple steps. Be sure to keep your face clean, use a stencil to shape, pick the perfect product and don’t forget to add primer and setting gel or spray. That’s all it takes to achieve amazing and beautiful brows, no matter what brow situation you have.

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