How To Draw Paper Mario

Maybe you can’t paint your way to fame, but you can certainly draw Paper Mario. Here’s how:

First, seize the tools of success. Gather up paper, colors, markers, and a quiet spot to get crafty. You might like to listen to some music or a podcast to help you loosen up, too.

Next, get sketching. Outlining the figure is the key to bringing it to life. Use bigger lines and shapes to ensure it looks right. Don’t worry if it doesn’t look perfect right away; you can refine it over time. Drawing is a marathon, not a sprint.

Now it’s time to customize your creation. You can make Paper Mario any color of the rainbow, so be bold. Use markers or pens to bring your vision to life, and don’t be afraid to draw outside the lines. Make that Mario look distinct and unique.

Last, let the ink dry before adding any more details. Once it’s essentially finished, you’ll have more room to add flourishes here and there. If the character feels like it needs something extra, go the extra mile and add it in. Let your imagination take the lead.

OK, it’s time to finish up your personalized version of Paper Mario. Get creative and add finishing touches, like shading or bigger areas of color. Writing some textures or words of encouragement could be fun, too. Get as experimental as you want with your design.

Colors bring your work to life, so experiment with hues to see which ones look best together. Try to exaggerate proportions, too, if you want to add more texture and personality. This will help create an awesome finished product.

When you’ve put in your full effort, stop and give your work a once-over. Tweak as needed, and make sure it looks as great as it can be. Now your masterpiece is ready to show off! Feel proud of your fantastic effort.

For that very special finishing touch, you can add a border. This will make your Paper Mario look extra special and act like a picture frame. Head to the store to find the right material, such as cardboard or wood.

Finally, it’s time to hang that Paper Mario work on the wall. Admire your work and feel accomplished. You have an awesome new edition of Paper Mario that you can be proud of.

Now you know how to draw Paper Mario. Gather up your materials and get started designing your own Paper Mario today.

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