How To Draw Prince

Many struggle in life with the challenge of drawing, but never forget the truth everybody can practice until they become a pro! Drawing Prince may seem intimidating, but it can be done by anyone with a little bit of effort, time and determination. Here are a few easy steps to bring your creativity to life and draw the perfect Prince.

Start small: The first step is to start drawing the shape of the Prince’s head. Be as creative as you want and remember to make it unique. The more details, the more realistic. Draw a circle with a set of eyes, a small nose and a saucy smirk. Move on to the body, there are no rules here, and anyone can customize the character however they’d like. Make it skinny, make it tall, make it chubby, there’s no wrong way.

Add details:From here, the details of the character will add the personality you are looking for. You can add a layer of features to the shape that you have created. Add a long and elegant robe, an accessory like a royal circlet or a sword if you want the prince to have a sense of power and strength. No matter what, make sure it’s something that will represent the character you set out to create.

Show movement:The best way to bring a drawing to life is to visually show movement. Adding some shadow and light will create a sense of awareness and make your character look alive; this is done by studying the light sources and their placement. Make sure the shadows created by the light sources will define the shape of the character.

Just keep practicing:The more you practice, the better you will get. If you are feeling a little bit stuck; take a break, come back again and try something new. Time and effort will bring your drawing to the level you desire. Draw as many versions of your character as you want, use different mediums and techniques and don’t be afraid to make mistakes – the real learning comes from them.

We’ve kissed goodbye to color:Once your character is complete, don’t forget to add color. Using a range of vibrant colors, it’s time to really make the prince look alive. Here’s the rule: go all in. Create a cape filled with stars and gold, a vibrant set of eyes to show a sense of wisdom, clothing made out of a deep ruby red cloth and a bright emerald sword.; it’s time to let your creativity flow.

Don’t forget the hair:Now it’s time to add the finishing touches with some hair. Make sure their locks are flowing and perfect. Give him a good hair day with some waves and style it with a royal-looking hairstyle. Add some details like highlights or tousles and make sure the hair suits the character.

Paint it:Time for the last but certainly not least step. Fill some bright and lively colors in the drawing and make sure that the object you choose makes the prince’s look unique and attractive. Select dark reds, forest greens, and beige to give him an added dimension and depth.

Dominant accents:Add some last minute details that make your drawing stand out. Make sure the prince looks noble and majestic by adding dominant accents like golden borders, sewn patches and lace trimmings; this will make him look more distinguished and detailed.

Final thoughts:Drawing Prince may seem intimidating at first, but if you follow the right techniques and have patience, it can be done by anyone. The key is to start small and be as creative as possible with the details. And don’t forget the last step; add some dominant accents to really bring the drawing to life. Once you have all the steps covered, you are set to bring your own Prince to life!

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