How To Draw Pufferfish

How To Draw Pufferfish

Drawing pufferfish can be a surprisingly fun and easy process, but there are a few key steps. In this article, you’ll learn some tips and tricks for creating a realistic and charming, pufferfish drawing.

Step One: Outline your Pufferfish

Begin your pufferfish drawing by sketching an outline of the fish. You can start from the head, sketching out the round shape, then adding the fins and the tail. When you get to the eyes, draw two circles with a curved line that connects them. Make sure to consider the size of the fish when drawing the outline; pufferfish come in various sizes, so choose yours!

Step Two: Fill out the Details

Now that you’ve drawn the outline, it’s time to fill in the details. The first step is to add some shading to the fish’s body. Start with a light tone and then begin to apply darker shades in a circular motion, to mimic the scales on a pufferfish. Don’t forget to add a small, black dot in the center of the eye.

Step Three: Add Some Texture

The third step for making your pufferfish drawing complete is adding the texture. Start by outlining the fish’s body with a black marker. Then take a grey pencil and draw small, squiggly lines all over the fish’s body, creating an interesting, textured look.

Step Four: Color It!

Now the fun part! Start by giving the pufferfish a base color, like yellow or orange. Then, choose two or three more colors and fill in the rest of the fish’s body with them. Try to create a unique pattern, like a stripe or a patchy look. To make your pufferfish really stand out, you can even draw a few splashes of lighter shades on the fins and tail.

Step Five: Add the Finishing Touches

The last step for completing your pufferfish drawing is to add some final touches. Start by drawing a few strands of seaweed in the background. Then, add some small little bubbles around the fish. Finally, let’s add some drama! Take a black marker and draw a few quick, diagonal lines rising from the pufferfish’s body. This will give your whale a dynamic look, as if it’s shooting off a jet of water.

Step Six: Enjoy your Work!

There you have it! Your pufferfish drawing is now complete. Take a step back and appreciate your work of art. You can even hang it up on the wall to show off to your friends and family. Congratulations, you’ve just learned how to draw a pufferfish!

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