How To Draw Red Panda

How To Draw Red Panda

Do you want to learn how to draw a red panda? If so, you’re in luck! Drawing this little bear-like creature is surprisingly easy and almost everyone can do it! All you need is some paper, a pencil, and a little bit of patience. Let’s dive in and learn how to draw a red panda step-by-step!

Step 1: Draw the Head

Draw an oval for the head and a slightly larger oval for the body. Then, draw the muzzle and nose towards the front, and draw the eyes on top. The fluffy cheeks with sharp points will complete the red panda’s signature features.

Step 2: Draw the Ears

The ears of a red panda are very distinct, so you don’t want to miss them. Draw two sloped circles above the eyes and two triangular shapes slightly below the circles. Finish it off with some fluff on the lower part of the ear!

Step 3: Draw the Arms and Legs

Draw four legs extending out of the body, but make sure the bottom two are slightly shorter than the top two. For the arms, draw two curved lines attaching to the body at the front, and two bent hands slanted outward.

Step 4: Draw the Tail

Now its time to draw the red panda’s famous tail. It should be about twice as long as the body. Draw an oval with a curved line attached at the top and a pointed tip at the bottom. Add a few more curved lines to make it look fluffy, and you’re almost done!

Step 5: Add the Details

Add some white patches on the face, arms, and legs for the red panda’s unique markings. Then, you can draw two curved lines on the cheek where the eyes and muzzle meet. Lastly, draw two small circles at the corners of the eyes to add some personality. You’re finished!

Step 6: Improve Your Drawing

You can further enhance your drawing by giving it some texture and shading. Use light hatching or cross-hatching in the areas you want to appear darker. This will add depth to your drawing, making it look even more realistic. You can also experiment with different lighting techniques to bring your drawing to life!

Step 7: Coloring Your Red Panda

Once you’re satisfied with your drawing, it’s time to color it! Use a dark brown for the entire body and a red hue for the face, arms, and legs. Add some more layers of red and brown for the furry texture of the red panda, and don’t forget the white patches. Finally, you can use a dark pencil, marker, or crayon for the shadows and make sure not to miss the tail!

Step 8: Admire Your Creation!

By now, you’ve created a beautiful piece of art. Congratulations on learning how to draw a red panda! You can now show off your amazing artwork to friends and family and make them jealous of your newfound artist skills!

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