How To Draw Ruby Bridges

Drawing an iconic civil rights leader takes practice and patience! At first, it might seem like a challenging feat, but once you understand the basic techniques for drawing Ruby Bridges, you’ll be able to create a realistic portrait that’s sure to make her proud. So, let’s dive in and find out how to draw Ruby Bridges!

Before you start sketching, it’s helpful to understand the basic proportions of Ruby Bridges’ face. Her eyes and mouth should align at the center of her face, with her chin and forehead slightly below and above respectively. Additionally, her eyes should be located about a third of the way down her face, and her mouth and nose occupy an equal area of her face’s width.

Now, let’s get to sketching. Begin by lightly drawing an oval on your sketchpad, then draw a faint line down the vertical midpoint and a faint line across the horizontal midpoint. Next, draw two circles for her eyes, two lines for her nose, and a curve for her mouth. Once you’ve got the outline down, you can start to fill in the features of her face. For the eyes, draw two smallened oval shapes and fill them in with black or dark brown. Outline her nose with a curved line, and draw two nostrils on either side. For the mouth, draw two curved lines that slightly dip inwards.

Now for the hair and clothing. For the hair, draw two lines extending from the upper part of the head, and draw a wavy line for the bangs. Then, draw her clothing. For the top, draw a simple dress with a square collar. For the bottom, draw a single line from the lower left waist region to the hem. Finally, include some finishing touches such as a brooch, jewelry, and a belt that extends from her waistline.

Once your drawing is finished, take some time to go over it with a black or colored pencil. This will define and add detail to your drawing. Once complete, your Ruby Bridges drawing is ready to hang on display for all to admire!

So, now that you know the basics of drawing Ruby Bridges, it’s time to put your newfound knowledge to use! Start sketching and practice various techniques such as shading and crosshatching. Eventually, you’ll be able to bring her iconic features to life in a portrait that’s worthy of her inspiration. And don’t forget to take breaks to make sure that your hand and mind don’t become overworked – there’s no sense in rushing your progress!

Once you’ve created a few drawings of Ruby Bridges, it’s time to combine them into a work of art. For example, try drawing a collage of her features in one picture or juxtapose her portrait against a bright colored background. You can also use various drawing mediums such as oil pastels, watercolors, and charcoal to bring out the vibrancy of her figure. Get creative and have fun – your drawings will be a reminder of her strength and resilience for generations to come!

And finally, showcase your artwork! Hang it up in your room, post it online, or pass it on to someone special. Every time you glance at your drawing, you’ll be reminded of the legacy of Ruby Bridges and her heroic fight for civil rights. You can even use the hashtag #DrawingRubyBridges to join an online community of aspiring illustrators who share their artwork and progress with one another.

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