How To Draw Ruffles On A Dress

Ruffles are a wonderful way to express yourself through your wardrobe. Whether you are going for a romantic look, a classic feminine style, or something a bit bolder and daring, ruffles on your dress can add a layer of pizzazz that will make you stand out and get noticed. There are a few tricks of the trade when it comes to drawing the ideal ruffles, so it’s essential to take the time to learn the craft. Read on to learn how to draw ruffles on a dress and make your style statement a showstopper!

Grab a Pencil – To begin, you’ll need a number 2 or HB lead pencil. Find a soft surface on which to work, such as a drafting table, large desk, or on the floor. Place a sheet of paper over the surface and you’re ready to start sketching.

Choose Your Design – Next, decide the design for your ruffles. They can run vertically or horizontally, be scalloped around the neckline, or spread around the entire dress. Choose the shape and size that best suits your style. Consider experimenting with different fabric combinations and accessories, such as ribbons, lace, and beads too, for an extra special touch.

Get to Sketching – Using a ruler to draw each ruffle makes the process run smoothly. Start at the neckline and draw the first ruffle in a long continuous line. If the line is broken, you’ll end up with a gap in the ruffle and it won’t look nice. Draw the ruffle in smaller sections, allowing you to connect them as you go. Continue adding ruffles until you are happy with your design.

Get Creative with Colors – With the basic shape now on the paper, grab a colored pencil to add a pop of brightness to the design. Try out different hues and shades to come up with the perfect look. Or if you are feeling daring, why not try a completely different fabric to add depth to your design. For example, bright complementing colors using two different fabrics will really make it stand out.

Do the Finishing Touches – Now all that’s left is to smooth out any rough edges and make sure the lines are even. A few extra details will also take your design to the next level. Think about adding a trim, lace, or ribbon to the edges of your ruffles for an extra girly vibe, or draw some beads, buttons, or other embellishments for a playful effect. And don’t forget to have fun with it!

Show off Your Work – Once your dress is ready, it’s time to show it off! Take it to the tailor to have it sewn up, or even make it yourself if you are feeling adventurous. If you’re creating a classic look, try accessorizing with statement jewelry, earrings, and bracelets. And if your dress has a bold edge, go all out with bold makeup, shoes, and a statement hat. No matter your style, you’re sure to look fabulous in your ruffle dress.

Draw on Different Fabrics – Coarse fabrics may not be ideal for drawing ruffles on, but they can still be used if you’re careful. Start by drawing the lines lightly with a pencil and then following up with thicker lines using a permanent fabric marker or a hot glue gun. This thicker line will ensure the ruffle stays in place and will hold up better to wear and tear.

Choose Wisely – Last but not least, choose quality fabric for your ruffle dress. Go for high-end material that won’t easily fray, and make sure the fabric is thick enough to stand up to regular wear and tear. Otherwise, you may find that your ruffles are drooping after a few wears, and the dress won’t have that same wow factor you wanted when you first put it on!

Use a Sewing Machine – For an even more professional look, you can also try using a sewing machine. This will guarantee that your ruffles stay in place and won’t move around when the dress is worn. Just make sure to practice on scrap fabric beforehand to ensure perfection!

Add a Pattern – To add some extra flair to your dress, why not try drawing a pattern on top? By doing this, you can create a subtle backdrop that enhances the look of the ruffles. Using a permanent fabric marker, start sketching dots and lines across the length of the dress. Have fun with it and let your creativity run wild!

Take Your Time – When it comes to drawing ruffles on a dress, remember to take your time and practice. Don’t rush through or you may end up with an unprofessional finish. If you’re finding it difficult to draw the exact shape or size you want, just break it down into smaller sections and connect them as you go. That way, you can ensure each ruffle is perfect.

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