How To Draw Santa Claus And Christmas Tree

Do you want to learn how to draw Santa Claus and Christmas trees? Beginning artists can quickly and easily master the essential techniques to draw these holiday favorites with a few simple steps. Use these tricks and tips to bring some holiday cheer to your art projects this year!

Channel Your Inner Elf

Start your drawing of Santa Claus with a curling beard, a red suit, and a wide smile. Draw the eyes first and then begin sketching Santa’s rosy cheeks and curly white beard. Unlock your creative side and think outside the box to make his signature outfit dazzle with stars and sparkles. Remember, Santa is a jolly fellow, so use energetic lines to bring a twinkle to his eyes. Give Santa a sleigh, a present or a reindeer to wrap up your festive scene.

Trees For Everyone

The Christmas tree is the star of the show at the holidays, so make sure your tree looks incredible. Draw circles and triangles around the center of the tree to form full and bushy branches. Play with the angle of each branch and make sure the sides are even. Vary the thickness and length of the lines to create a unique look, then complete the tree with a trunk and a few teeny-tiny decorations. For a twist on the traditional scene, use zigzag lines and doodles to decorate the tree instead!

Holiday Mix-and-Match

Be kind to your inner artist and mix in a few new elements to create a festive and fun image. Place your Santa Claus and Christmas tree on a hillside or inside a cozy cabin for the perfect winter background. You can also set the stage with wrapping paper and presents, snowflakes and icicles, or carolers and a choir. Create your own twist on the familiar characters and use your pencil to finish the scene any way you like.

Frosted Fun

The sparkling snowflakes, icicles and frosty hills that surround Santa and his tree make this drawing even more special. Use your pencil to sketch thin white lines and stars for snow or icy studs to add some frosty fun. You can also add a sparkle of snow or a few chilly sparkles by drawing in some tiny circles or stars. Snowflakes, sprinkles and frosty appliques add an extra layer of glitter to your drawings and set the mood for the holidays.

Winter Wonderland

Wrap up your holiday drawing with a warm winter scene that looks clean and cheerful. Give your Santa Claus and Christmas tree a few furry friends like a polar bear, penguin or reindeer that can frolic in the snow. Paint a snowman or family of snowmen in the background and give them eyes, coal buttons and of course, big fluffy hats. Wherever your creativity takes you, finish the scene with a smile and some festive bold colors to make the holiday season truly magical.

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