How To Draw Shoto Todoroki

How to Draw Shoto Todoroki

Everyone loves the characters from My Hero Academia, especially the fan-favorite, Shoto Todoroki. This character has a unique and fashionable combination of half fire and half ice color features that make him stand out in the crowd. In this article we will break down the steps to draw him from the beginning to the end. So let’s dive in and learn how to draw this beloved character.

Materials Needed

Before you start on your drawing, make sure you have these items and supplies handy! Here is a list of materials needed for drawing Shoto Todoroki:

  • Pencil, pen and eraser.
  • Paper, cardstock, or Bristol board.
  • Coloring supplies like marker, colored pencils, or paint.
  • Reference photo like a drawing or a screenshot.

Step 1 – Create a Basic Sketch

Once you have your materials gathered, now you are ready to begin! Start by sketching out a basic frame of Shoto Todoroki. It helps to sketch lightly at first, so that you can make any changes you need later on. Draw a basic shape for Shoto Todoroki’s body, including his head and face, as well as his arms and legs.

Step 2 – Draw in the Lines for the Details

Now it’s time to add in the details. Start by drawing in the lines to show the face details, like the eyes, nose, and mouth. Also draw any defining features you want to highlight, like the tattoos and earrings. This is where your reference photo comes in handy.
Once you have the facial features in, draw any defining clothing details like Shoto’s costume. Lastly, draw in his hair. Make sure you take your time to get the details as close to the original art as possible.

Step 3 – Start Coloring

Now it’s time to add color to the drawing to give it that extra zoom factor. Start by adding in the colors you plan to use. For example, if you plan to use red and blue for the costume, start by coloring those areas first. Then you can move on to the skin and hair.
When you are adding color, it is recommended to use lighter colors and gradually increase in saturation for a smoother transition between colors. Be sure to use your reference photo to make sure you’re following the right color combination.

Step 4 – Add a Background

Adding a background to the drawing is optional, but it makes it look much better than a blank page. You can draw anything you want as a background. You can also add some finishing touches like a frame or other details to make the drawing look more complete.

Step 5 – Finalize and Show off

Once the drawing is complete, take a step back and admire your masterpiece! You can share your artwork with friends and family, or you can upload it online and show it to the world. No matter how you choose to display your drawing, you should be proud of it!
These were the steps for drawing Shoto Todoroki. We hope that this guide was helpful and that you now feel more confident in your drawing abilities. Now get out there and start drawing!

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