How To Draw Spaghetti

How To Draw Spaghetti

Anyone can become an artist with a few simple steps. Drawing spaghetti is a great way to get started. Whether you’re adding a cartoon spaghetti to a more complex drawing, or simply making a picture of a bowl of spaghetti for dinner, drawing perfect noodles is easy. Here are some tips and tricks to help you master the art of drawing spaghetti.

Getting Started

Before you begin, gather all of the supplies that you need. You’ll need paper, pencils, ink, a fine-tip brush, and referencing materials. It’s important to have the right tools for the job. If you use the wrong type of pencil or paper, your drawing can be ruined.

When you have everything you need, it’s time to brainstorm. Think of the type of spaghetti that you want to draw. Will it be cooked or uncooked? What color will it be? Will it have any unique features such as a dipping sauce or seasoning? Asking these questions can help you create a plan for your drawing.

Form and Structure

Once you have a plan in place, it’s time to start sketching. To draw spaghetti, start with a few basic shapes such as circles, ovals, rectangles, and lines. Then start to layer the shapes together to form the shape of the noodles. Remember to use light pencil strokes when creating the shape. You can always add or remove lines and shapes as you progress.

You can also draw other items such as vegetables, meat, or a sauce. Don’t be afraid to experiment and be creative with your drawing. To add depth and dimension to the drawing, draw fine lines and grooves in the noodles. This will give your drawing a realistic feel.

Adding Coloring

Now that you have the shape and structure of your spaghetti drawn out, it’s time to give it some color. Start by adding a base layer of colors to the noodles. For cooked spaghetti, use colors such as light brown, orange, and light yellow. For uncooked spaghetti, you can use colors such as light green, white, and light blue. Don’t be afraid to mix colors to give the noodles a unique look.

Next, add shading. While you can use a pen or pencil to create the shading, ink pens can give you the most realistic results. Use a fine-tip pen or brush to draw thin lines and circles in and around the noodles. This will give your spaghetti a 3-dimensional feel and will elevate your drawing.

Adding Finishing Touches

The last step is to add any finishing touches. You can add texture to your spaghetti by drawing lines in different directions. You can also add tiny drops of ink to your noodles for a unique look. Additionally, you can add in details such as drops of sauce, diced vegetables, and seasoning.

Once you have all of the details in place, it’s time to give your drawing the final touch: a background. The background can be simple such as a solid color or a universal pattern, or more complex with textures, other food items, or even a person eating the spaghetti. Be sure to take your time and create a unique background that will compliment your spaghetti.


Drawing spaghetti is easy and fun. With a few simple steps and a little bit of creativity, you can create an amazing drawing. With practice, you’ll soon become a pro at drawing spaghetti. So, the next time you want to draw a delicious bowl of spaghetti, you now know how to do it!

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