How To Draw Tanjiro Step By Step

Part One: Introduction

Drawing Tanjiro, a beloved character from the critically-acclaimed Japanese manga series, ‘Demon Slayer’, is an art form in itself. With his intricate and captivating eyes, vibrant cape and incredibly detailed sword, it’s no wonder that Tanjiro’s design is so iconic. Whether you’re a manga aficionado or a novice to the art of drawing, creating Tanjiro from scratch can be an incredibly rewarding experience! This guide will give step-by-step guidance for creating an epic Tanjiro, from start-to-finish.

Part 2: Getting Started

Before you begin, you’ll need to gather the following supplies: pencils, erasers, sturdy paper, markers, and a reference sketch. Search online for an image of Tanjiro and save it to your device or print it out. Working from a reference sketch makes perfecting the luscious locks and proportions of Tanjiro much easier. Sketch a few basic guidelines onto your paper, like circles and rectangles, to give your creation the proper foundation and provide helpful structure. Now you’re ready to start!

Part 3: Showcasing Tanjiro’s Features

Tanjiro’s wardrobe, facial features, and hair are especially alluring. Outline the cape with a lighter shade of marker to stand out from the rest of the characters, or you can opt for a different color entirely. Use sketching pencils to give Tanjiro’s face structure and contours, like his high cheekbones and thin jawline. While the eyes might take some practice, you can use bold neon markers to make them really stand out. For Tanjiro’s spiky hair, use small circles and squares to draw out each individual strand.

Part 4: Drawing Tanjiro’s Sword

Tanjiro’s weapon is his signature touch. To draw the handle of the sword, you can use dark marker to create the classic spirals of the handle. Outline the handle and give it a more vivid outline with the lighter shades. For the blade of the sword, draw a simple rectangle first and then add details like volume and roundness. Make sure to add curved lines that illustrate the sharpness of the blade. Darker markers can be used to shade in the parts of the blade closest to the handle.

Part 5: Finishing Touches

The final stroke of a masterpiece is always essential. You can use vibrant colors to make Tanjiro standout, or you can use muted colors for a classic look. Add minor details like tassels and folds on the cape to make Tanjiro look even more spectacular. Don’t forget to erase any guidelines you drew in the beginning. The details of Tanjiro’s sword should look as realistic as possible by adding shimmer and shading. Lastly, you can use a white pencil to draw glistening stars in Tanjiro’s nearby background.

Part 6: Taking it to the Next Level

Finally, you can enhance Tanjiro’s appearance even further by utilizing emotion-evoking techniques. Sharpened colors can add boldness and give the character a daring gaze. Lightening some colors will create an angelic aura, whereas a simple fade can enforce mystery. Tanjiro’s garments can also be transformed by adding contrasting colors to increase the intensity and expressiveness. Shadowing is a great way to make Tanjiro’s features pop and draw the viewer’s attention to particular points. With the right steps and creative freedom, your Tanjiro will come to life!

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