How To Draw The Black Widow

How to Draw the Black Widow

For those wanting to make their mark as an artist, drawing the iconic Black Widow character may be just the challenge they’re looking for. The Black Widow’s famously shapely figure paired with a vibrant red and black suit has made her one of the most popular Marvel superheroes. With just a few easy steps, anyone can learn how to draw the intense and powerful Black Widow with finesse.

Start with the Costume

The Black Widow’s costume is a defining feature of her persona, and so should be the base of your drawing. Start by sketching a high neck line with a spiky detail along the edge. From there, draw the shape of the suit, a series of intersecting arcs and lines, ensuring to include the iconic hourglass shape of the Black Widow. Make sure to draw in details like the connection between the black and red half, the outer segments of the costume, and the small folds along the edges. Once you’ve got these details down, you can bring the costume to life with solid colors.

Bringing Life to the Face

To make the Black Widow look even more realistic, add life to her face. Begin by drawing her jawline, carefully curving the line around her chin until you meet the start of her collarbone. Be sure to not make her too pointed or too curved. Next, draw in her face and eyes, creating circles for the eyes and a defined nose. For extra realism, add the small details, such as eyelashes and arching eyebrows.

Adding Length with Hair

To finish up the Black Widow’s face, draw in the hair. Her hair typically hangs above and around her face, with a slight wave to it. Add a few locks of hair that are curled tightly against her head, but not too much, her hair should remain light. When you’re satisfied with your drawing of the hair, color and detail it to your preference.

Complete the Look with Web-Heads and Knives

At this point, your Black Widow should be coming together nicely. One final detail to add for a complete look is web-heads and knives. Web-heads are small crosses arranged around the Black Widow, placed close to her eyes. To draw them in, lightly sketch several small lines around her face, turning each one into a ‘+’ shape. The knives planted in the Black Widow’s belt will add some texture and detail to the drawing. Create two curved lines and draw in a smaller line connecting them. Fill them, and use the same pattern to draw the other one.

Shading and Coloring

Now that you have the drawing nearly complete, it’s time to bring it to life using color and shading. Start by shading the Black Widow’s costume with a subtle black hue in the right places to make it stand out. Additionally, give her face a more realistic effect with subtle marks where her eyes and cheeks should be. After you’re done coloring and shading the costume, add some shadows to the background, and your Black Widow drawing is complete!

Making Your Drawing Unique

If you want your Black Widow drawing to stand out, there are several other details you can add to it. Instead of just drawing the web-heads and knives, you can also add a few of her signature weapons scattered about. You can also draw a few additional pieces of fabric flowing down from her costume to further add to the design. For an extra fun challenge, you could even draw in her spider companion!

Adding Your Final Touches

When you’re finished with your drawing, make sure to add your personal touches to give it that pizzazz. You could outline the entire thing with thicker lines to make it look more dynamic, or add in little symbols like stars, arrows, and flames. If you’re feeling really adventurous, you could add intense bursts of color to the drawing, which will give it a truly eye-catching effect.

Finishing the Black Widow Drawing

Drawing the Black Widow can be quite a challenge, but with perseverance, practice and creative juices, anyone can do it. Once you’ve nailed the basics, it’s easy to add in the little details that make your drawing unique and show off your skills. Before you know it, you’ll be able to make your own Black Widow masterpiece and show it off with pride!

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