How To Draw The Ghostbusters Logo

How to Draw the Ghostbusters Logo

Do you remember the iconic Ghostbusters logo? Whether you’re a fan of the old 1984 movie or the more recent films, you can bring this logo to life by drawing it! With just a few simple steps, you can recreate the Ghostbusters logo with a pencil and paper.

Start with the Font

The font used for the Ghostbusters logo is called “Futura Bold.” It looks like a condensed, sans-serif font that is slightly angled. To draw the font, sketch the same letters seen in the logo and keep them in a straight line. Allow the letters to take up a good deal of the space, leaving some margin on the left and right sides. You can use a ruler to make sure that all of the letters are even.

Draw the Ghost

Once you’ve finished drawing the font, you’re ready to add the ghost! Draw a white translucent figure with an oval head, arms reaching outwards, and a swoosh of a tail below. This ghost is meant to be an outline of the figure and should be deliberately done with just a few lines. Keep the head, arms, and tail separate, but still connected. Don’t forget to draw the eyes in the center of the head.

Create the Background

Now that the ghost is drawn, it’s time to add the background. For this, you’ll need to draw two rectangles. One rectangle should be completely filled in, whereas the other should be an outline. Place the two rectangles overlapping the font and ghost. This creates a whimsical contrast between the solid and empty shapes.

Redefine the Background with Gray Shadows

Once you have the outlines created, it’s time to redefine the background. All you have to do is draw several lines extending slightly above and below the outlines of the rectangles. This creates a sense of shadow or perspective in your drawing. To make it stand out, you can darken the lines with a light gray pencil.

Accentuate with Lines and Spots

To add some life to the logo, draw several curved lines along the sides of the rectangles and ghost. Add dots of different sizes in random locations throughout the logo, which makes it look like the ghost is shooting out beams of light. Finish the logo by adding small teardrop shapes in the empty spaces.

Bring Your Logo To Life

Now is your chance to bring the Ghostbusters logo to life! All you need is a pencil, paper, and patience to draw the font, ghost, background, and lines. With a few well-placed curves, dots, and shadows, you can have a stunning reproduction of the iconic logo. So don’t be afraid to get creative and show your fandom with this crafty project!

Practice Some More

If you don’t get the logo right your first time, don’t worry! Drawing takes practice and patience. Pore over the logo until you get its distinct look. Take your time completing each element and soon you’ll be an expert in drawing the Ghostbusters logo. Plus, you’ll have the perfect artwork to hang up in your bedroom or office!

Experiment with Different Materials

Pencil and paper are just the start. You can also experiment with different materials to create the logo. Try drawing with markers, pens, or even crayons. You can also cut out the logo from cardstock, paint it, or draw it with chalk. The possibilities are endless with this easy craft project!

Share Your Creation

Don’t forget to show off your masterpiece with friends and family. Put your logo up on the wall and share a photo of it on social media. You can also use it to spruce up your journaling and scrapbooking projects. The iconic Ghostbusters logo is the perfect way to bring some nostalgia and fan art into your home.

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