How To Draw Toothless From How To Train Your Dragon

How To Draw Toothless From How To Train Your Dragon

To capture the fiery spirit of How To Train Your Dragon’s beloved Toothless, you need to have a few supplies on hand. With the right materials and your own artistic flair, you’re sure to bring this fearsome beast to life! Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Pencil
  • Erasers
  • A variety of charcoal pencils in various shades of black
  • Sharpie
  • A reference photo of Toothless
  • A brush
  • A few sheets of thick drawing paper

Now that you’re all set, grab your reference photo and get ready to start sketching. Begin by lightly outlining the main features of Toothless- his head, eyes, mouth, wings, and tail. As you sketch, use the softer charcoal pencils to add shading and texture to his body and wings. If you’re not happy with your current sketch, don’t worry – erasers are your friend!

Once you’re satisfied with the basic shape of Toothless, it’s time to bring life to your drawing. To really make him pop, start layering the charcoal pencils and use the eraser to create highlights. Drawing with a variety of shades will help bring his scales to life. Use the eraser to lighten individual scales, creating a more realistic look.

It’s time to add details! Bring the outline further to life by adding Toothless’ distinct whiskers, eyes, and horns. Once the shapes are sufficiently filled in, now’s the moment to embark on the tricky task of shading. Use the brush to softly blend in the charcoal layer to soften the outlines.

Toothless needs to have a fiery roar, so it’s time to draw his wings. Draw in long curving lines and use the brush to blend them into the rest of the drawing. Make sure to use light and dark shades to bring the wings to life!

The last element to adding a real roaring effect to Toothless is his tail and rider. Draw in the tail with careful lines and make sure it follows the curves of your outline. Finally, you’re ready to draw the rider. Sketch in the body shape and add details such as the facial features to finish up the tail. When you’re done, your fiery creature will be sure to turn heads!

Sharpening the Details

Now that you’ve sketched out the dragon, it’s time to get sharp and detailed. With the help of a sharpie, add finer details like freckles and small ridges on the skin. If you want to be extra creative and add a bit of texture to the drawing, you can add scales and shadows of scales with the sharpie. This will make the dragon look more realistic.

Once you’re done with your artistic masterpiece, add a few touch-ups using the eraser. Again, you can use the eraser to create highlights on the dragon’s wings and body. The eraser will also help you to accurately shape the head, horns and wings. When you’re done, you’ll have a beautiful rendition of Toothless, just like the ones seen in the movies!

Adding Color

Adding color to the drawing is the final step in bringing your Toothless to life. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you can use watercolor paints or markers to add a splash of color to your fearsome beast! To shade your dragon perfectly, use the charcoal pencils to outline the shadows and then add the watercolor or marker over that. With the combination of color and shadow, your dragon will come to life in vibrant hues.

Once you feel like you’ve gotten the hang of it, try your hand at adding color to the whole drawing. What better way to really bring Toothless to life than with a lush mix of blues and greens? Start with a light hue of blue and green and then add darker shades to give your dragon an edgier look.

The same process can be used to add some pizzaz to the rider. Use a combination of red and black to distinguish the rider from the dragon and add a pop of color. And don’t forget to add highlights to your dragon where the light would hit using a lighter shade of color.

Bringing the Drawing Together

Now that your drawing is complete, it’s ready to be displayed with pride. Add a few finishing touches such as a sparkly background or a custom frame. Publicly share your work or keep it to yourself – the sky is the limit! Whichever you do, your amazing Toothless drawing will surely make all your friends jealous.

For a quick recap, here’s what you need to bring your drawing of Toothless to life: Pencil, Erasers, Charcoal pencils, Sharpie, Reference photo, Brush, Drawing paper, and finally a bit of your own artistic skill. For added flair and zest, don’t forget to use some markers or watercolor paints to bring a splash of color to your masterpiece.

Practicing and Perfecting

Now that you’re done with your drawing, practice makes perfect! If you didn’t get the outcome you were after, don’t get discouraged – keep trying new techniques and experimenting until you get the results you desired. Try different styles of outlining and shading to get the look you want and practice drawing the same dragon from different angles. If you keep at it, you’ll soon be a Toothless drawing master!

Finally, don’t forget to have fun and get creative with your drawing. You can explore different colored backgrounds and frames to make your Toothless drawing truly unique. No matter what you come up with, it’s sure to be one of a kind!

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