How To Draw Walter White

How To Draw Walter White

Anyone can learn to draw Walter White, the memorable character from the beloved television series Breaking Bad. With a few simple supplies and some practice, you can master the art of sketching Walter White from your favorite moments from the show. Here’s everything you need to get started!

Gather Your Supplies

The first step to drawing Walter White is to get the supplies you’ll need. This includes a pencil, eraser, and a sheet of paper. Though it’s not essential, having a reference photo will make the process easier. You may prefer to draw Walter White from a specific episode, so use photo of him from that episode as your reference.

Start With the Basics

Begin by lightly sketching out the overall shape of Walter White. Keep in mind the proportions of his head and body. Once the basic shape is down, draw in his hair, eyeglasses, and beard. Focus on the details of his facial features such as his eyes, nose, and mouth.

Sharpen the Details

Using your reference photo, add in all the small details ranging from his clothing to his facial expressions. Pay special attention to the texturing of his hair and beard. This can be tricky, but it will add a lot of realism to your drawing. Don’t forget to erase any unnecessary lines or errant marks.

Create the Finishing Touches

Now that you’ve completed the basic drawing, you can add the finishing touches. This is when you’ll need your finer pencil grades to add shadows, highlight, and other details. Consider adding details such as wrinkles, facial expressions, and freckles. This is also a great time to fill in any gaps, check your proportions, and make sure the overall drawing looks right.

Test Your Skills and Improve

After completing your first drawing of Walter White, you can use the same steps to draw him in different postures, movements, or facial expressions. See if you can draw him smiling, frowning, or facing another direction. With practice, you’ll find your sketches look increasingly lifelike and you’ll become a short-handed sketch artist in no time!

Find The Right Angles

A great way to master Walter White’s facial features is to practice sketching his face from different angles. For example, draw him with his head tilted or facing away from the viewer. You can even try sketching him from the side view, to get a better feel for his proportions and facial structure. Tweaking the angles can really help you out and uncover any areas that still require practice or improvement.

Experiment with Lighting and Shading

Experimenting with shading and adding in the correct lighting effects can really help you make your drawings look more realistic. Start with the basic shadows and then build up the structure with shadows, highlights, and textures. With a bit of practice, you’ll be able to create dramatic and beautiful images of Walter White that tell a story.

Stay Committed and Persevere

Drawing Walter White can be intimidating, but don’t give up! Take it slow and be patient with yourself. When you’re first starting, concentrate on getting the basic shapes right and then work your way up to adding in details and fine-tuning your sketch. Any progress you make is progress that you should be proud of, so don’t give up!

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