How To Draw 11 From Stranger Things

How To Draw Eleven From Stranger Things
You can easily learn how to draw Eleven from the hit show Stranger Things. Everyone wants to recreate the charm and emotion of this beloved character from the show and with a few simple steps, you can create a beautiful and accurate likeness. Whether you’re a big fan or just a passing admirer of the show, you can easily draw Eleven in no time.
First, get the basic shape down on the paper. It’s helpful to start off with a light pencil to plan out the pose and determine the proportions. Start by lightly sketching a big circle to represent the head and a long oval to outline the torso. You can add a rectangle beneath the oval to create the hips and beneath the rectangle, draw two circles to represent the legs. Finally, add a few lines to indicate the arms.
Once you have the basic shape down, you can start to add the details. Draw in Eleve’s hair, which is long and wavy. Don’t forget to add some wispy strands around her face and neck. Then, draw her eyes and nose, making sure to include her signature crooked smile. Add some earrings and necklaces as well!
The next step is to add clothes and keep the outfit true to the show. Draw a tank top, shorts, knee-high socks, and sneakers. You can also use markers and coloring pencils to add details to her outfit. If you want, you can try adding an orange background or her signature Eggo waffles.
When it comes to the finishing touches, it’s time to add some details. Go ahead and give Eleven a replica of the taser she’s frequently seen with in the show. Then, go in with shading to give her some depth and texture. This is where you can really bring out the emotion and life from the drawing.
As you follow the overall shape of Eleven, you can easily draw the beloved character from Stranger Things in no time. Don’t be afraid to move around the shape and details so it fits your drawing style — that way Eleven really becomes your own! With a few simple steps, you can capture the essence of Eleven and bring the iconic character to life on the page.
Adding Flair To Your Eleven Drawing:
Once you have the overall shape of Eleven down, it’s time to add some extra details to make the drawing unique. To break away from the show and make Eleven your own, you can always change up the outfit. If you’re feeling creative, you can design and draw her own custom outfit. You can also add accessories or other characters in the background to give your drawing some extra flair.
Another way to personalize your drawing is with facial expressions. Choose a classic Eleven facial expression such as her sly smirk or her determined facial expressions. But if you want to mix things up, you can draw her with different facial expressions such as scared, excited, or confused. This will make your drawing more dynamic and bring out Eleven’s many emotions.
By adding texture and color gradients to her outfit, you can really take your drawing to the next level. A few gradients from light to dark will make her outfit pop off the page, and texturing the clothing can create a more realistic effect. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can add props such as a razor, slingshot, or backpack to give the drawing a little extra personality.
Finally, don’t be afraid to add backgrounds. By choosing a specific setting such as the Upside Down or Hawkings Laboratory, you can immerse yourself and your drawing in the Stranger Things universe. You can also add some foliage and wildlife to give Eleven a new and exciting setting to inhabit.
Using References For Your Drawings:
When drawing Eleven, it’s important to use some reference material. Reference material can be anything from screenshots from the show to stills from the Stranger Things movie. Watching the show can also be effective, as it gives you an insight into how Eleven looks, moves, and acts.
Taking reference photos of your own can also be beneficial. If you take photos of yourself in the same pose as Eleven, you can then use that to make your drawing more accurate. Make sure to take several different photos of yourself from different angles and use these as references for the overall body shape and certain facial features.
Finally, you can use other artist’s drawings to gain inspiration and ideas. Looking at someone’s drawing can help expand your knowledge and understanding of shapes and anatomy. It can also give you ideas on how to style your drawing and set the pose.
Fleshing Out Eleven’s Personality:
Creating drawings of Eleven is a great way to capture her essence and personality on paper. You can infuse her with a wide range of emotions or have her express her feelings through facial expressions, body language, or kinetic energy.
To bring out her tough yet sensitive personality, you can use symbols to hint at her vulnerability and strength. For example, you could draw a rain cloud to signify her insecurities and a flower to signify her growth throughout the show. Or you could draw her cradling a puzzle piece to show her determination and strength.
When it comes to facial expressions, you can evoke sadness, anger, or happiness depending on what the scene requires. Choose from a wide variety of facial expressions that hint at her underlying emotions. Adding facial expressions can help bring out Eleven’s dynamic personality and make the drawing more lifelike and realistic.
Finally, add whichever props suit the mood. If you’re drawing Eleven in the Upside Down, you can draw her as if she’s looking through a portal or a window into a completely different world. Or you can add everyday objects such as a backpack or a book to hint at her everyday life when she’s not protecting Hawkins.
Putting It All Together:
When creating a drawing of Eleven, the possibilities are endless. Take some reference photos and use different poses, facial expressions, and props to capture her personality and emotion on the page. Don’t be afraid to move around the shape or play with the details to make the drawing unique.
Focus on the basics first such as the shape of the body and the clothes, then dive into details such as her wavy hair and her signature crooked smile. Use markers, coloring pencils, and shading to bring out the details, and don’t forget to add some accessories and props to give extra texture and depth to the drawing.
By combining all of these elements, you can easily draw Eleven from Stranger Things in no time. After putting some time and effort into it, you’ll have a stunning portrait of the iconic character that will look great on any wall or canvas. So what are you waiting for? Grab your pencil, paper, and markers and let’s get started!

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