How To Draw In 3D On Procreate

How To Draw In 3d On Procreate:

Are you an aspiring 3d artist who’s just looking to dip your toes into the 3d drawing world? Procreate is here to save the day! This wonderful app makes drawing in 3d so much easier and accessible, allowing creatives of all levels to create amazing 3d drawings. So, ready to go? Let’s break down the steps for how to draw in 3d on Procreate!

1. Learning the Basics: Before you dive into the actual drawing process, take some time to familiarize yourself with the Procreate app and its features. Make sure you understand how the layers work, practice your basic shapes, and sketch out some basic structures. It’s important to have a good understanding of how the app works before you jump into creating a masterful piece of art.

2. Determine Your Art Style: Before you actually start drawing, you should try to get an idea of your desired art style. Do you want to make a cartoon-style drawing? Or perhaps a more realistic one? Knowing the style you want ahead of time will help you plan the structure, colors, and shading of your drawing.

3. Find a Good Reference: If you’re having trouble visualizing your 3d drawing, try to find some good reference photos to get inspiration from. The reference photos can help you determine the elements of your drawing such as the perspective, proportions, and shading. Just make sure you’re only using reference photos for inspiration and not copying them directly.

4. Start Sketching: Now that you’ve done all the prep work, it’s time to start drawing! Start by sketching out your basic shapes, and once you’re happy with them, start adding in the more detailed lines. As you draw, use the layers feature to separate different parts of the drawing and pay close attention to the light and shadow to give the drawing a more 3d look. Be patient and keep at it, you’ll be done before you know it!

5. Make Small Adjustments: Once you’ve finished your drawing, it’s time to make the finishing touches! Zoom in and make any necessary small edits, adjust the colors, resize any details, and enhance the overall quality of the artwork. Don’t forget to adjust the levels and sharpen your edges for a more professional look. Now your 3d drawing is done!

6. Experiment with Different Brushes: There are a lot of different brushes available on Procreate so don’t be afraid to experiment! Playing around with new brushes can help you create some incredibly unique effects and add more depth to your drawing. Brush up on your drawing skills and have a blast!

7. Utilize the Masks Feature: One of the most underrated tools on Procreate is the masks feature! This allows you to apply effects to certain parts of your drawing and add a lot of detail and texture. Use it to create some amazing 3d effects and elevate your drawing even more. Get creative and enjoy!

8. Add Extra Depth with Lighting Effects: To make your 3d drawing even more impactful, add some extra effects with the lighting settings. Adjusting the angle, strength, and size of the light source will help you create some realistic-looking shadows and highlights. Make it so good, you could reach out and touch it!

9. Save and Share: Now comes the fun part, saving your work! Back up your work and save it in multiple resolutions for different uses. Don’t forget to share your amazing artwork with your friends and family! Show them your 3d masterpiece and bask in the glory!

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