How To Draw A Angler Fish

Step One: Source Materials

To draw a realistic looking angler fish, you’ll need some basic supplies. Get yourself some paper, colored pencils, markers, and some ruler or straight edge. You’ll want to draw lightly at first so you don’t make any mistakes that you can’t undo. Then, it’s time to start sketching!

Step Two: Sketching

Start with the head of the fish. Angler fish have big heads that are shaped like a wide triangle with rounded corners. Draw a curved triangle with some indentations on each side. Then draw the eyes and the gills. For the eyes, draw two small circles and make sure to draw the pupils inside. For the gills, draw three curved lines along the sides of the head.

Next, create the body of the fish. Make sure it is curved and that it has a pointy tipped tail. Angler fish have a very large body in comparison to their heads. Don’t forget to add small fins along the edges and a wide mouth. To make the fins look more realistic, keep them a little pointed.

Step Three: Colors and Details

Now it’s time to fill in some of the details. With the pencil, draw in the scales, add in some shading, and draw a small line to separate the upper and lower parts of the fish. You can also draw in the details of the fins and the eyes. With the colored pencils, you can color the angler fish with a pattern of your choice.

Add some more details with the markers, such as small circles and lines inside the eyes and around the body of the fish. This will help your angler fish look even more realistic. With the ruler or straight edge, you can draw a perfect line to outline your fish.

Step Four: Final Touch

Finally, use the dark markers to draw in the angler fish’s antennae. Angler fish have long antennae that extend from the top of the head, so keep that in mind when you draw it. Then add some extra details with the markers and you’re done! You can do some final touch ups to make the colors more vibrant or add more detail if you want.

Step Five: Finishing Touches

Once you’ve finished drawing your angler fish, you can use the color paints to give it some vibrant colors. Or, you can leave it plain and just use the black and white colors. If you feel brave, you can also add some wobbly lines and sparkles to make the angler fish shine! When you’re done, you can hang your completed masterpiece on the wall and admire it for years to come.

Step Six: Reflection

Once you’re finished with your angler fish drawing, you can reflect on how much work and dedication it took to bring this creature to life on paper. Maybe next time, you’ll try to draw a more complicated creature, like a whale or a shark! You can take this gain of knowledge and use it to your own advantage and apply it to the other art pieces that you create.

Step Seven: Share

No matter how much or how little you’ve done, always remember to share the knowledge! Invite some friends to come and have a look at your masterpiece and encourage them to take on your challenge! Just remember to have patience and a positive outlook, and you’ll be well on your way to becoming a great artist. Have fun!

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