How To Draw The Joker

Do you want to know how to draw the Joker? It’s easier than you think! All you need is a pen and paper (or your favorite drawing software) and some patience. With just a few simple steps and some creativity, you’ll be drawing the most famous Clown Prince of Crime in no time.

Gather Your Supplies

Before you get started, make sure you get all the tools you need to draw your Joker. At the very least, you’ll need: paper, a pencil, eraser, and any color pencils/markers you’d like to use. If you plan on digitally drawing the Joker, you’ll need a stylus and sketching/drawing software (like Procreate or Krita). Make sure to have enough paper and a stable surface to draw on – you don’t want your hard work to be ruined if your paper slips off the surface!

Use Reference Images

For the best results, try to study the Joker up-close. Find some reference images for your sketch – you can find these online or by collecting photos or screenshots of the Joker from comics, movies, or video games. It’s especially helpful to search for images with distinct details – this will help you better capture the Joker’s unique attire and figure. Once you have your reference images ready, it’s time to get started!

Draw A Basic Outline

Using a light pencil, draw a basic outline of the Joker. Start with a circle for his head and a curvy line for his famous signature smile. Don’t worry about being exact – a loose sketch is fine; you can always clean it up later with an eraser. Complete the body by outlining the shape of his torso and add stick-like arms and legs. Now that you have the general structure of your Joker sketch, you can continue on to the details.

Focus On The Details

Using your reference images, add details to your Joker sketch to really make it your own. Everything from his signature purple suit to the wild green hair should be taken into consideration – each detail is essential to capturing the Joker’s true character. Add bold lines and curves to create definition and dimension. Use markers to add color. Do you want him to have a pale, sinister face? Use shading techniques to give your Joker a haunting gleam in his eye. Most importantly, let your imagination run wild – the only limit is your own creativity (and your eraser, of course)!

Create Your Final Piece

If you’re happy with how your Joker sketch is looking, then it’s time to finalize your work. Outline the final sketch with a permanent marker or a light to medium layer of color pencils. The final step is to make sure all the details blend together perfectly – blend the colors with a blender and take an eraser to any rough pencil lines you want to get rid of. Once you’re done, step back, admire your work, and enjoy your unique version of the Joker!

Julia is an artist and musician, who grew up in a small town in Ohio, where she played in local bands and painted murals in free time. She moved to NY City to study art at the prestigious Pratt Institute, and then relocated to LA to pursue a music career. Julia loves sharing the knowledge she gathered during the years with others.

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