How To Draw A Cool Heart

It’s the moment all art lovers know and cherish: picking up the pencils and getting ready to draw. From small doodles to complex masterpieces, drawing serves as a fun, creative outlet for many people. Drawing a cool heart is an excellent way to flex your artistic muscle and create something truly impressive.
It’s as easy as tracing your hand. First, grab some paper and a pencil of your choice. Make an outline of your hand in a nonrepetitive style. You can make a bold outline, or a light and airy one – your call. Then, use your pencil to trace the outline of your hand – start at the fingertips and fill in the outline. Try filling in the outline with soft, flowing lines. Remember, you can always erase and start over if your heart isn’t quite up to your expectations. When finished, your heart should look bold, beautiful and unique.
The key to a cool heart is personalization. When tracing, feel free to personalize it to your specific taste. Want a bigger heart? Add a few extra lines and make the curves longer. Want a dainty one? Shrink your lines and shorten the curves. Alternately, if you’re feeling creative, add some extra lines and curves to your heart. Personalizing it is key to making the heart look unique and beautiful.
When you write with a pencil, the heart shape doesn’t have to be perfect. Feel free to wiggle and wobble the lines a bit to make it look natural and organic. This imperfection can make the heart look especially cool and collected. You can even make the heart look a bit asymmetrical or off-balance to give it a different vibe.
You can use pencil shading to make your heart look extra sleek. Find a good pencil grip, hold the pencil perpendicular to the paper, and start shading the edges of your heart. If you make the edges of the heart darker, it will stand out more and look really sharp. This technique is especially helpful if you burnish the edges and make the heart shape pop.
When you’re done tracing and burningishing, use some markers of your choice to add a little pizzazz to your heart. If you want to make it especially cool, try using some gel pens to write your name in the middle or the sides of the heart. Your name in the heart will look gorgeous, especially if you match the colors to the colors of your design.
Creating a cool heart is easy and fun – all you need is a pencil, paper, and some colors and markers. Trace your hand on the paper, personalize it to your liking, color it, shade it, and you’re all set! Choose colors, styles, and shapes that reflect your personality and you’re sure to have a beautiful heart that’s totally cool.

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