How To Draw A Mountain Landscape

How To Draw A Mountain Landscape

Atop the towering peaks that reach a seemingly endless expanse, lies a majestic landscape that can be your canvas. Here’s how to draw a mountain landscape, perfect for resting the gaze of any aspiring artist.

Tools You’ll Need

Drawing a mountain landscape is surprisingly simple and requires minimal materials. All you need are some paper, a few tools, and your creative eye. Essential items include a pencil and a kneaded eraser, for creating shadows and highlights. For an extra depth, you can use a white charcoal pencil, as well as a few colored pencils to add scattered pops of color.

Block Out The General Shapes

To start your masterpiece, lightly sketch out the basic arrangement of the mountain landscape. Heavy lines can be added later when painting to ensure the look is sharp and detailed, but for now, there’s no need to worry too much about perfection. Begin with a sweeping circle for the horizon line, defining the edge of the sky and the start of the ground. Next, use gentle curves and short lines to outline the peaks of the jagged mountains that will occupy your canvas. Be sure to add a few towering trees to add some extra character.

Color In The Shades

Now that you’ve got your basic layout, it’s time to get creative. Start by adding a few deep shades of blue to the sky, to give you an extra sense of depth. After that, use the pencils to create highlights and shadows on the mountains, while gently smudging your lines to give the mountains an extra jagged appearance. Once all the mountains have been brought to life, finish off the landscape with a glowing green, ranging from light to darker shades, depending on the time of day and season you’re wanting your landscape to depict. Of course, feel free to add in some extra color to your canvas, such as wildflowers and a bright sun, to bring out the full potential of your creative vision!

Bring In The Details

Details are essential to giving your landscape an extra touch of creativity. With a few dots of white and black, you can create the illusion of snow and rocks atop the mountains. If you’re feeling extra ambitious, you can use some of the colored pencils, adding wild animals grazing by the sun’s light, or the silhouette of a distant town coming to life beneath the sunset. All that’s left is to add in a few drifting clouds, for an added sense of depth and movement, and your mountain landscape is complete!

Experiment With Different Techniques

The great thing about drawing a mountain landscape is that you can never get it wrong. Every time you pick up a pencil, your depiction will be different and unique to you. Feel free to try different pencils and techniques, such as charcoal or crayon. You can even mix in some paint or watercolors, to see how they work.
The end result of your mountain landscape will all be down to your own style, so go ahead and experiment! Let your inner artist run free as you create a majestic view that can scale any wall and capture a moment of peace.

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