How To Draw A Deer Skull

Drawing deer skulls is a surprisingly easy task to tackle, and a great one for anyone looking to brush up on their drawing skills. From capturing time-honored masters of the field to creating a personalized masterpiece, knowing how to draw a deer skull accurately is a skill worth picking up. With just a few simple tips and some practice, you’ll be up and running with your new passion in no time.

Tools You’ll Need

Before you get started, it’s important that you make sure you have all the tools you’ll need to get your project done. All you need to pick up before you start are some drawing materials – pencils, a kneaded eraser, and a sketchbook will do. You also might want to grab a ruler and compass if you’re looking for better accuracy in your work.

Putting in the Foundation Work

Once you’ve gathered your supplies, it’s time to put in the foundation work that will guide the rest of your drawing. Start by deciding on the size of the deer skull you want to draw, then mark it down with a ruler and a pencil. To make the process easier, you can try mapping out the drawing with a framework – some people swear by the golden ratio here, while others just map out a basic skull shape to work off of.

Start Color/Texture Details

Once you’ve got a basic shape down and it looks more or less the way you want it, you can start adding in the detail and texture. Here, it can be helpful to grab a picture of a deer skull for reference and look at it closely as you work. Penciling in fur textures and different shading can be particularly helpful for adding the final touches to your deer skull drawing.

Practice, Practice, and Practice!

Finally, and most importantly, don’t be afraid to practice, practice, practice! Drawing deer skulls is an achievable skill, but as with any artistic endeavor, it’s important to keep at it if you really want to perfect the craft. Grab some plain paper and a pencil, and just draw as many deer skulls as you can. Soon, you’ll have a finely tuned eye and feel confident that your drawings will turn out the way you want them to.

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