How To Draw Leather

Ready to find out how to draw leather? Sure, it may seem like it’s a difficult art to master, but with the right instructions, anyone can create beautiful leather pieces. First, you’ll want to prepare a few supplies to get you started. Gather a few pieces of leather, some paper, graphite pencils, colored pencils, a ruler and a rubber eraser, and you’ll be all set.

Step One: Establish the Basic Form of your Leather Piece

Start by sketching out a very basic form of your leather piece on a piece of paper. A very light tracing or sketch is fine for this. You can use smoother textures for the sections tied back together so the colors blend together nicely. Use your graphite pencil to draw this, and don’t worry about shading yet.

Step Two: Add Shading and Color

This is where your colored pencils come in handy. Start applying some shading to the initial sketch by using darker shades for the sections that need it. Don’t forget about the creases and wrinkles in your leather piece. Add some color, too. Use different shades of the same color to make your leather piece look more realistic.

Step Three: Create Depth in your Leather Piece

When you’ve finished shading and coloring the basic form of your leather piece, it’s time to give it more dimension. Use your graphite pencil to shade the lighter sections and add some details. You can also add some highlights to the sections that need more emphasis.

Step Four: Final Touches

Keep playing around with your leather piece until you’re happy with how it looks. Add in some shadows and highlights for a more realistic look. You may also want to erase any pencil lines that are still visible and use a rubber eraser to make sure everything looks perfect.

Step Five: Finishing the Leather Piece

Finally, it’s time to add some finishing touches to your leather piece. Add a few buttons, zippers or buckles to give it a bit more depth. You can also use a few pieces of thread or some fabric glued on top to create a sense of texture.

Step Six: Show off your Work

Once you’ve finished your leather piece, it’s time to show it off. Take a picture of it and share it with friends and family. You can also display it in your home or office.

Step Seven: Refine Your Skills

Make sure to keep practicing until you feel like you’re a master of leather art. Try out different tools and techniques so you can create even more detailed pieces. The more you practice, the more impressive your leather pieces will be!


Learning how to draw leather might seem daunting at first, but with the right instructions, anyone can create beautiful pieces. Take your time and try out different tools, shading and coloring techniques for a more realistic look. Your practice and hard work will pay off and you’ll have amazing leather works of art to show off.

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