How To Draw A Dolphin Jumping Out Of The Water


Drawing dolphins leaping out of the water might seem like a daunting task, but it can be made easy with the right steps. Dolphins are graceful, majestic creatures, and they make beautiful images. Here’s how to draw a stunning dolphin jumping out of the water.

Step 1: Sketch the Body Shape

Start the process of drawing a beautiful, dynamic dolphin by sketching the body shape. Begin by drawing a slightly curved line, like a smiling mouth, for the edge of the water. Bring the line up and around in another energetic and flowing curve to create the shape of the splash.

Step 2: Add the Tail and Fin

Now it’s time to add the tail and fin. Sketch the tail as it is coming down and out of the water. Draw a large, curved fin at the end of the tail for a powerful, stunning look. You can add more details like bumps on the fin if you want.

Step 3: Draw the Head and Fluke

Now it’s time to draw the head of the dolphin. Make sure to draw a large yet elegant head just above the surface of the water. Then create a fluke by drawing two short lines extending outward from the head.

Step 4: Create the Body

Create the body of the dolphin by drawing a large arc connected to the head. The body should be slightly curved and its front should be slightly lower than its back. Don’t forget to add details like bumps and scales for a realistic appearance.

Step 5: Shading and Coloring

Now it’s time to give your dolphin drawing some depth and texture. Fill the body with shading, from light to dark. Add highlights and shadows to the edges of the body and the tail for a more realistic look. Finally, color your dolphin drawing with bright, vibrant colors for a beautiful, eye-catching image.

Step 6: Final Touches

Finally, add some final details to your dolphin drawing, such as bubbles in the water or foam around the body. This will give your drawing a more dynamic, finished look. And there you have it – a stunning dolphin leaping out of the water!

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