How To Draw Hair Paint Tool Sai

Drawing hair in Paint Tool Sai may seem intimidating at first, but it’s really not as hard as it looks. With some practice, you can master how to draw hair in Paint Tool Sai, and you’ll be ready to take on any hair-drawing challenge that comes your way. Here are the steps you’ll need to take to get started.
Section 1: Choose the Right Brushes and Color
The first step when drawing hair in Paint Tool Sai is to select the right brushes and color. Usually, the airbrush is the best choice for drawing hair. You’ll also want to choose a color that best resembles the existing hair color of your canvas. This will help you create a more realistic look. When picking the color, it’s best to experiment with different shades and shades of light to get the desired results. Making sure that you have the right brush and color will help ensure you get the best and most accurate results when drawing hair in Paint Tool Sai.
Section 2: Start With the Roots
When you begin drawing hair in Paint Tool Sai, it’s best to start with the roots at the scalp and work your way out. Using the airbrush, gradually darken up the roots, adding more color and depth. This will give the hair a realistic and textured look. As you continue to darken up the roots, you’ll also want to consider the shape of the individual hairs as well as how they meet. It’s important to make sure that each hair stands out and is distinct from the others.
Section 3: Drawing the Length
Once you’ve finished drawing the roots of the hair, it’s time to move onto the length. Again, you’ll want to use the airbrush to gradually darken up the length of the hair. When doing this, it’s best to focus on the direction of the hair and use smaller brush strokes to create an effortless look. When drawing straight hair, you’ll want to draw the length of the hair in one clean, continuous line. When drawing curly hair, use shorter brush strokes to create the look of individual curls.
Section 4: Finish It Off With Highlights and Lowlights
The final step when drawing hair in Paint Tool Sai is to add highlights and lowlights to give the hair a more realistic and textured look. For this step, you’ll want to use a smaller brush and lighter colors. Highlighting and lowlighting will help define the shape of the hair and make it look more realistic. Try experimenting with different shades and tones to achieve the desired look you want.
Section 5: Practice and Have Fun!
Drawing hair in Paint Tool Sai is all about practice and having fun. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different brushes, colors, and techniques as you go. Once you’ve mastered the basics, you’ll be well on your way to creating beautiful hair drawings that you can be proud of. So don’t be afraid – just grab your airbrush and let your creativity soar!

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