How To Draw A Dragon With Fire

How To Draw A Dragon With Fire

Crafting a fiery dragon drawing can be a daunting task, but with the right materials and a little patience, you can create a cartoon-quality, scorching-hot dragon. Here’s how to get started.

Gather Supplies

The first step to producing a steaming dragon is to gather your supplies. You’ll need plenty of drawing paper, an array of colored pencils or markers, and some erasers. Depending on the atmosphere you want to capture, you may also need supplies like glitter and other embellishments. It’s up to you how fancy you want to make this drawing!

Plan It Out

Once it’s go-time, make sure to use the paper wisely. Begin by sketching out your plan. Think about the size, shape, and location of the dragon in your drawing, as well as what type of fire to draw around it. Make sure you leave room for the flames to come from the scales and extend beyond the dragon.

Color Pencil It All In

Once your plan is ready to go, use your colored pencils to make the dragon come alive. Select the shades for the scales and wings, then the colors for the fire – oranges, reds, and yellows are all great options. Don’t forget to use dark colors to tack on details such as teeth, claws, and feathers. When you’re done, erase any part of the plan you no longer need.

Add Embellishments

Now that the main components of your drawing are in place, it’s time to add some extra pizzazz. Add some sparkles with glitter or stickers to your flames and make the scales shimmer with a metallic colored pencil. You can also add some extra smoke or steam with a black pencil, and draw lines between the dragon’s wings for a more realistic look. Your dragon drawing is almost ready for takeoff!

Signature Style

In order to make your dragon drawing fly even higher, add something special – your own signature touches. Use a white or clear gel pen to give the fire some motion, or utilize a pointillism technique to provide dimension to the scales. Add extra details like clouds, a castle, or even a different character for the dragon to interact with. Whatever it is, make it unique, colorful, and creative so that your dragon pops on the page!

Finish It Up

Your dragon drawing is almost complete! Trace over the outline of your drawing with a black pen or marker to give it that slick professional look, while brightening up the fire (and other light areas) with a white or silver gel pen. Go the extra mile and sign your masterpiece with a calligraphy pen if you want some extra oomph.

Present with Pride

Your flaming dragon is now complete! Grab some brightly colored cardstock and glue your dragon in place, then frame and decorate your artwork with ribbons, photos, and any other special touches. Show it off to friends, family, and other art lovers, and allow yourself to bask in the warm satisfied feeling of a dragon-drawing job well done.

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