How To Draw Ps4 Controller

How to Draw a Ps4 Controller
Drawing a Ps4 controller is a great way to recreate some of your favorite gaming moments and sharpen your artistic skills. This helpful guide will cover the basics of drawing a Ps4 controller from start to finish.
First, sketch out the elements that make the Ps4 controller. You’ll want to include things like the dual thumbsticks, shoulder buttons, d-pad, and the “Share” and “Options” buttons. Make sure to draw the buttons accurate to size and in their proper location. Following the simple outline provided should give you a great starting point.
Coloring Your Ps4 Controller
Once you’ve got your Ps4 controller shaped like it should be, you can move on to coloring. Start by using a light grey to color the body of the controller. Add black detailing to buttons and the directional pad, using a slightly lighter shade of black than the base gray. For the analog sticks, you’ll want to use a brighter shade of gray, then fill it out with white highlights.
Highlighting and Shading
After you’ve colored your Ps4 controller, it’s time to add some shading and highlights. Start by adding shadows to the areas that would naturally get the most shade. The thumbsticks, for instance, will have dark shadows where the sides meet the top of the controller. You can add more depth by using black and white to make lighter and darker shades depending on where it should be.
Final Touches
Once you’ve colored, shaded, and highlighted your Ps4 controller, you’ll want to finish off with some final touches. Use a fine-tip pen or brush with a dark color to add the details like the lines and buttons. After that, you can use other colors to make the labels for the buttons. You can also erase any lines you feel you don’t need for a finished product.
Adding Other Characters
If you feel like taking your Ps4 controller to the next level, you can also draw other characters in the scene. Anything from superheroes, animals, or even other Ps4 controllers can take your piece to the next level. After drawing the characters, add color and shading to bring them to life. Since they’re in the same environment, keep the colors in the same tones and feel like the Ps4 controller.
Drawing a Ps4 controller is a great exercise to help hone your artistic skills. With a little practice, you’ll be able to draw a Ps4 controller just like the pros. Don’t forget to use colors, highlights, shading, and other characters to make your artwork really stand out. With some practice, you’ll eventually become a master at drawing Ps4 controllers.

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