How To Draw A Drogon


Drawing a dragon is an exciting and challenging task, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. With some simple tips and a little creativity, you’ll be able to create a fierce and beautiful dragon in no time. From choosing your reference materials to adding the details, these steps will get you started. You’ll be producing fire-breathing, sky sailing dragons in no time!

Step One: Prepare Your Materials

The first step in the process of learning how to draw a dragon is to have all your supplies ready. To create your dragon masterpiece you’ll need basic drawing materials such as pencils, erasers, markers, and paper. You’ll also want to have reference images at the ready. These could be created from your own imagination or gathered from sketches, comics, or books.

Step Two: Start Drawing Basic Shapes

Using the reference images, draw some basic shapes onto the paper to help create the shape of the dragon. Start with the head, wings, body, and legs, and keep in mind the balance between all of the pieces. Make sure that you leave enough room for details and extra flourishes. Add a claw or two, a scale, or a curl of smoke.

Step Three: Add Details and Refine the Drawing

Once you’ve got your basic shape nailed down, it’s time to add the details. Start by giving shape to the wings, adding in creases and feathers. Create a long, sinuous body with bumps and ridges, and draw in dragon claws and teeth. You can also give the head a character, by adding in eyes or even a scaly mohawk.

Step Four: Finalize the Dragon

As you draw, you can definitely add a few more dragon features if you want. Giving your dragon wings adds a fiery look, while a tail adds more movement. And adding scales or flames to the body makes the dragon look more intimidating. Add as many details as you want, or even create a background to give the dragon a more realistic look.

Step Five: Color the Dragon

Color in your dragon to give it a truly unique look. You can opt for natural colors, like brown, black, or green, or even opt for wilder colors like purple or pink. Mix and match several colors for a more vibrant look, or use the same color for a classic look.

Step Six: Finishing Your Drawing

Now it’s time to finalize every little detail on your dragon drawing! Make sure to erase any mistakes and use markers or pencils to add more details. You can also add final touches like highlights and shadows to give your drawing texture and depth. When you’re finished, sit back and admire your masterwork.

Step Seven: Make Changes or Start Over

If you’re not satisfied with the final look of your dragon, there’s no need to worry. At this stage, you can make small changes to the drawing or, if you’re really unhappy with the result, you can start over. Either way, you’ll be closer to creating your own uniquely beautiful dragon.

Step Eight: Go Beyond the Basics

If you’re feeling brave, you can create a more complex dragon with some extra techniques. For example, add shading and highlights or varied colors and textures. You can even add background elements or small details like gemstones to bring your dragon to life. Whatever you choose, practice and experiment with different combinations until you get the results you’re looking for.

Step Nine: Share Your Creation

When you’re done with your dragon, share it with family and friends! Post it on social media and show off your art skills. With your own breath-taking dragon, you’ll feel like a dragon master in no time.

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