How To Draw A Gem

How to Draw a Gem

Drawing a gem can seem intimidating at first, but with practice and the right techniques, you’ll be able to draw beautiful gems with ease.
Start by sketching the outline of the gem with light pencil lines. You can use shapes like a triangle, square or circle as the basic form of the gem. Don’t make the lines too thick or heavy – keep them light and smooth.
Next, define the gem’s facets by adding more lines that follow the shape of the outline. Vary the size of the facets to give the gem its unique sparkle. Facets can be shallow, deep, or both, depending on the type of gem you want to draw.
Once you’re happy with your outline, you can use shading to give the gem more depth. Use more pressure on the pencil to create angular shading along the sides and to create contrast between the facets. This will make your gem glimmer and catch the eye.
To finish off your gem, color it in with either paints or colored pencils to make it pop. You can make your gem look realistic or make it look fantastical by overlaying colors and shapes. Be creative with colors – the sky is the limit!
The final step is to make your gem look shiny. Use a white pencil to add sparkles along the facets. Or if you’re feeling extra creative, combine colors together with white pencil to make your gem sparkle like a real gem.

Making Your Gem Look Fabulous

Adding accessories to your gem is a great way to make your gem look fabulous. Drawings of jewelry like necklaces, rings and earrings can really make your gem stand out.
You can also draw the gem atop a pedestal to make the gem look even more special. Or draw other gems scattered around to give your gem more visual depth and dimension.
Backgrounds can also enhance your gem’s look. Adding a realistic or abstract background can make your gem look even more eye-catching. For abstract backgrounds, you can use colored splats, crosses, French curves and more.
These accessories and backgrounds can really make your gem look outstanding. Take your time and think outside the box to make the most beautiful gem you can draw!

Using a Gem Template

If you want to make your job a bit easier, you can use a gem template. There are plenty of free templates online that you can download and print. The advantage of using a template is that you can have a basic outline to work from and you don’t have to worry about getting the size and angles of the facets wrong.
Templates also come with guidelines for shading and making your gem look realistic, and there are tons of tutorials available that will help you use them properly. In the end, using a gem template means you will spend less time getting the basics right, and more time making your gem beautiful.

Bringing Your Gem to Life

Once you’ve drawn your gem, it’s time to bring it to life. Start by drawing the background context your gem will sit in. Will it be part of a necklace, a ring or a bracelet? Make sure to draw the gem the same size and proportion of the jewelry so it looks realistic.
Also take into account the lighting and shading to make the gem look realistic. For example, if the gem is taped on a necklace, add shading around the edges and connect it with the areas of the necklace where light and shadow define the shape.
Adding shadows and highlights to your gem will make it look much more realistic. Also add a bit of sparkle to your gem. You can use metallic pen to draw the glimmer around the edges, or use the white pencil technique to make the gems sparkle.

Making Your Gem Stand Out

Once you’ve finished all your drawings, practice adding glitter, glimmer and reflection to make the gem stand out. You can use glitter pens, colored glitters and glossy gel pens for extra sparkle.
You can also use chiaroscuro to draw the highlights and shadows of your gem. This will make your gem shimmer differently from other gems.
Finally, add a finishing touch. Find ways to make your gem stand out from all the other gems in the world. This can be as simple as adding a cool texture or creating a unique setting.
Drawing a gem can be an incredibly enjoyable and rewarding experience, no matter your skill level. You can practice different techniques, such as shading, highlights, reflections, and more to get the gem just right. So get out your sketchbook, some pencils, and start drawing!

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