How To Draw A Spray Can

Spray cans are a great way to express your creativity. Whether you’re an artist, a graffiti master, or a novice doodler, learning how to draw a spray can is essential. With just a few simple steps, you can master how to draw a spray can like a pro – and express yourself in an entirely new way!

Start with the Canvas

First things first – you’ll need a canvas to draw your spray can on. A good quality canvas is key to creating a striking piece. Choose one that will draw the eye and mesmerize your viewers – make sure to take measurements carefully, so that you know the exact size of the canvas before you start. Once you’ve chosen your canvas, you can start to make your masterpiece.

Using the Colors

Choose some vivid colors to use in your spray can drawing – each one will add a different dynamic dimension to the aim of your artwork. You can use a range of shades – if they aren’t available in your favorite brand of spray paint, get some other aerosol-based paint that will produce the kind of look you’re after. Don’t forget to wear a mask to prevent being overwhelmed by the smell of the paint – this will also protect your eyes from any paint particles.

Draw the Outline

Pick a color for the base of your spray can – it should provide a strong contrast to the colors you’re applying so that the finished look stands out. Outline the shape of the can with your chosen color, then start to add more detail. Add fun elements like stripes, spirals, and dots to the can for a creative touch. Try using several colors to give a 3-D effect to your spray can – and don’t forget to use some lighter shades to provide depth and texture.

Color it Up

Now that the structure is ready, it’s time to give your artwork some life by adding strokes of color here and there. Place the base color in a canvas and start splashing other shades onto it. Aim for a balance between light and dark, so that you get the desired effect. Once the colors start to blend – go ahead and create swirls and overlapping lines. Feel free to use different paint nozzles to achieve a wider range of effects.

Finishing Touches

Once your spray can is finished, check that it looks the way you intended. Make sure that each element balances out the other, and that the final product looks aesthetically pleasing. Then, finish by outlining the edges of the can so that the paint doesn’t chip off. Then, you’re all done – time for your spray paint masterpiece to take its place on the wall!

Bring Out the Artist in You

Learning how to draw a spray can is a great way to pus your artistic talents to the test. As long as you remember to use the right colors, mix them with strong elements, and apply some finishing touches, you’ll be able to create an eye-catching art piece. And you don’t even need to be an experienced painter to do it – all you need is some aerosol paint and an imagination!

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