How To Draw A Girlfriend

How To Draw A Girlfriend

Do you want to draw a girlfriend? Draw your dream girl and bring her to life with your own hands. Drawing portraits of the one you love is a great way to show your affection and take your relationship to the next level. It’s time to grab your pencil and start sketching, because here are some simple steps to draw the perfect girl.

Gather Inspiration

The first step is to find your source of inspiration. Look around and note down any unique features that capture your attention. It can be anyone such as a celebrity, a model, or even yourself. Use them as a reference and create your unique drawing of your perfect girl.

Look for images online or browse magazines for your big source of ideas. Collect pictures and items that remind you of your dreams or goals. Start jotting down all the features you want your perfect girl to have and create a moodboard. These items will help you determine the type of hair, the color of eyes, and other features that your girlfriend should have.

Compare the features you want to the photos and images. Save the elements you like the most and continue to create more references. Your perfect girl will become more defined as you keep adding elements that you like.

Start Sketching

Make the sketch as detailed as possible. Start with the construction lines and then draw the features such as the face and eyes. Give your girlfriend a bold nose, plump lips and a warm smile. Use light strokes to draw the hair and other features. Then erase the construction lines.

Focus on the details and use different pencils with different hardness. Start with character expression, adding wrinkles on the forehead, eyes and mouth. Make sure you do not draw all the details too close together or the face will look like a mask. Give the girl a confident gaze and an aura of trust.

The next step is to create dimension and structure. Use different shades and tones for the face, eyes, hair, and lips. Don’t forget to draw the details like lashes and eyebrows. Add a little bit of blush and bring life to your drawing. Shade her face, neck, and shoulders, showing different depths in the drawing.

Shading and Coloring

Use shading to add volume and life to the portrait. Start shading from the darkest area and work your way out. Use shadows to make the drawing more realistic. Then use different tones and color to define her features. Use a combination of bright and muted colors that go well together. Draw the background elements in a similar style to complete the portrait.

Final Touches

Look at the portrait and make some final adjustments. Make sure the shapes and the colors go together. Adjust the position of the eyes, nose and mouth until you are satisfied with the result. You may even decide to add some accessories or jewelry elements to the girl’s face. Once everything looks perfect, you can start framing the picture.

Making The Final Adjustments

The final step is to make sure your portrait looks perfect and makes you happy. Add some more details, erase and redo some elements. Think about adding a bit of light for a subtle glow, or shadows for a more realistic feel. Examine the facial expressions, polishing the delicate lines for a more tender effect.

Finally, have fun adjusting the colors to make everything look balanced. Enhance the colors to give a more vivid look. Refine the shades, tones and colors until you are wholly satisfied with the portrait. Now you have the perfect drawing of your dream girlfriend.

Adding Power To Your Final Picture

Once you’ve finished your masterpiece, choose the right frame. You may be tempted to pick up a frame based on the colors or the material, but choose one that truly fits the portrait’s purpose. For example, if you’re drawing a fantasy girl, pick a frame that has bold colors and looks magical.

Let your picture contain the power of love. Adding elements to the background, such as hearts and stars, will help you create a joyous atmosphere. Colored parameters can also add extra emotion to the portrait. Choose the one that goes best with the colors and the feelings of your drawing.


As you can see, drawing a girlfriend is not hard at all. With these tips you can draw your dream girl and capture the emotions, beauty and feelings of your relationship. Gather your reference, draw her, create the shading, add colors and details, pick the right frames and you are done! Don’t be scared to draw your dream girl, because you won’t only be expressing your emotions – you will also be bringing her to life.

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